Our people as a diaspora has indeed been miscegenised among all peoples; even among all nations, tribes, kindred and tongues!   Yet we must never forget that the Savior comes to calls back His people, even a people who shall be vouch-safed as Israel made true beyond from all the pretenses of the earth!   For we shall reason as one, even unto our ancient strength in righteousness as of old.   We shall reside again as a Holy People without guile and without iniquity upon the good Land of The Promise! (Jere.23:1-7, Isaiah ch.40:1-<27-41:4>-43:15, Rev.6:12-7:17, James/Yacob 1:1-<6-8)   To them who are called, the time is now beyond every worldly misrepresentation, we must discern The Truth to be free at last to know what we were and who we are, together knowing by the power of YAH ALONE, what we to HIS GLORY shall surely become! (Isaiah 26:7-13)

YOUR SLAVEMASTERS.., DID THEY EVER REALLY SET YOU FREE?              WILLIE LYNCH“.. was a “student” of ROME!”  *© initially published 1985 revised

MY PEOPLE, Consider.   Today our families come together to reflect and rejoice.  More than 145*© years have transpired since this country’s northern leaders decided it was best for the nation that an Emancipation Proclamation be signed to abolish the legal practice of blatant physical slavery on American soil. After years of subjection to harsh bondage and unspeakable cruelty, no longer would slaveships be sent into Africa to steal our brothers and sisters from their native motherlands.  No longer would our forefathers and mothers legally for no apparent godly reason be snared, quartered , chained neck and foot.  No longer would we be led off native shores and uncertain of survival set upon long harsh journeys across deep, dark, unfamiliar waters.  Before a world, papers were signed assuring not another human soul thereafter be legally bought and sold  like cattle for a price into hard bondage to work the land for another people.  No more sheerly for being people of darker hue would we in this fledgling union of the American continent be forced to labor under brutality of a cruel slavemaster’s whip. (2 Chronicles 7:14-15) (Isaiah 61:1-5, 14:1-5, 10:20-21) (Exodus 21:16 & 20)

Have we so soon forgotten?   Just a few decades ago, many of us easily could recall the dandle of Grandma and Grampa’s knee as they recounted stories of their fathers and mothers toilings as slaves.  Wide-eyed, we hearkened at tales of how reluctant kinsmen were freighted here, where they were sold, and to whom. Without any question, much unfair oppression persists in overt and  insidious subtle ways upon us as people of color, but today we profess, claim and lavish ourselves in liberties our forefathers could only perceive in their dreams.   

We as a people born in this land now boast in full paper rights granted American citizens by law; legally no longer classed a mere “three-fifths” of a man.  We can sing praises how for all our hardships, our people have survived.  After many years of hard oppression, where learning to read or write was a forbidden privilege, many of us are now literate.  We can own personal copies of the Bible.  We can read openly without immediate threat of loosing an eye, a tongue, a finger, a hand, or a life.  We can pursue and teach our children much of what our forefathers longed for, but were denied sight of, without fearful threat of being sold from our families, or scurrying from our homes torched in the night. (Joel 2:32-<3:6-8>-21)

Present confused diversity; is it not wrought of misconceits in having long ago broken the covenant Divine? (Jeremiah 30-31) (Isaiah 59-61) (Romans 11:25-29)

The Good and Merciful Lord has indeed shown favor any of us survives to this day to look with hope for tomorrow. (Matthew 24:22)   Without a doubt He surely has favored us in His plan toward great fulfillment of His cause from very beginning.  But for what goals has He spared us thus far, and why? (Philipians 3:12-20) (Isaiah chaps.60-66, 49:13-15>-52:7,  35:3-10,  55:1-5>-56:8, 10:20-25, 26:13-14, 19:13-<18-25) (Nahum 1:15) (Luke 10:2-3) (Matthew 10:16) (Deuteronomy 4:23<29>40) (Hosea 1:10-2:21)   For what great purpose have we scaled these many rungs of the ladder and strutted forth with such marvelous endurance through the roughest paths of time and place?  Have we already attained to all the freedom our fore-fathers envisioned for us?  Have we taken fullest advantage of opportunity granted us to see all which so fiercely was hid, banned from ancestral eyes?   Indeed, have we with honor and gratitude even begun to take hold of all the emancipation the Lord of Heaven has granted us potential to manifest for Him in this His earth?   The Anonted Messiah said it is the truth which sets us free indeed. (John 8:31-36,  3:14-<19-21)  Yet over many years, oppressors blinded our fathers.   Physically we were set free, or were we?   What of our minds, our spirits?  Since those times, what liberating growth can we speak of toward better discerning Our Lord’s desire of and for us? (Romans 12:1-2, 1:18 NASB) (Luke 21:33-36)  They taught us to trust and comply with their diverse views of things; to cope with status quo constraints they deemed acceptable devoid reproof of them upon us. (Proverbs 16:25)   Denominations nationwide, Southern Baptists for instance, were split in debate concerning slavery and integration.  Still the most segregated hours recur in the churches every Sunday morning. (Exodus 20:7-<8-11)

Finally they allowed us bibles.  But not without years of preconditioning to stifle our potential discernment of its liberating contents. (2Timothy 3:16-4:4)  Straight-haired “Christ’s” ie. Greco-Roman-Druidic Polytheist “Khristos-Khreestoses” ..they nailed high on our church walls.  Bible heroes were white they said, despite contemporary evidence to the contrary. “Last Supper” and other 1st century scenes on Roman catacomb walls depict disciples and a wooly-haired Messiah all the color of morning coffee!  Yet we happily praised their idea of “God”, what they said  was right manner service acceptable due of us to Him and them. *(Isaiah 29:8-30:1<8>15)

We were taught scripture as they interpreted meaning.  We were told we need seek no further practice or principles than held dear to preserve “Massah’s” way of life.  Has the captor’s oppression defined even what must be a captives prayer for deliverance?   The freedom we were led to adore was defined by the extent of consciousness and allowance society had afforded unto those who held us bound.  Standards, ideals, allegiances they set for us.  By days of body and soul racking, mind-control twisting and distracting morning to late night labors, we were assuredly made thankful for whatever rests our taskmasters granted us in “HOLYDAYS” the State said Churches must assure the folk must think of as holy.  Were those at all the appointed *lawful times of rest and holy attention sanctioned anywhere by the bible as sacredly acceptable in preparing for GOD’S KINGDOM JUDGMENT?  If not, then toward endorsed preservation of *whose cause were such customs devised? (Colosians 2:1-<4>8, 2:14-16) (Daniel 7:23<*25>-27) (Zechariah 7:5-8:13, 14:16-21) (Galatians 3:26-4:11) (Exodus 23:1<14-22) (Jude 3-4) (Matthew 7:13<15-20>21-23, 28:18-20) (Ezekiel 20:20)

Due time brings about  change.  Dare we consider earlier  times would have graciously granted us  freedom to openly practice a more perfect faith?   They said, “Forbid a day should come even the Lord should reveal greater realization  to any slave for a slavemaster’s reproof!”  Yet if any man yields not wholly to the Lord’s instruction, whom does he serve? (Matthew 15:7-9, 23:10, 6:24, 7:9-<15-23>-28)    Have we yet found a restoration fully pleasing to Our Lord in HIS eternal commands?  Or are we heirs of a blind legacy cast upon slavemaster fathers who allied earlier ruling resistances to greater, more purging truths? (Isaiah 57:8<11-13>21, 9:16, 8:11<12-13>16-20, 26:13, 5:20-26) (Jude 1:2-4)  (Jeremiah 48:11)

Helplessly illiterate and without scriptural verification, we assumed the spirit, doctrine and customs our oppressors practiced in worship was wrought of purest reverence for the Lord.  Gullibly thankful for whatever they taught us, we knew nothing else. We were heathens, chattel, cattle, they said.  “New Christians, yet devoid of souls.”    They obliged to “show how to do it” generations of harshly mistreated fellow humanity created of the same God they claimed to revere.   With little guilt before the bible words they preached, did they repent for their many years of heartless, even beastly abuse of us?  Had they found comfort in, even defended their offenses by a biased and slanted view of scripture and us? (2Peter 3:14-18, 2:19)   Pursuing equitable treatment, we sought comfort in “Ol Massah’s” pastoral doctrines.    In a captive world we prayed for a holy spirit to lead us toward truly righteous discipline and equality.  Yet lacking discernment of what teachings  and works were lacking or twisted, we were misled, divided and robbed!  We could not know how to walk perfectly before the LORD!   How generations have viewed spiritual things was blighted by partial standards of oppressors who smote us.   Will we today defend ignorances learned as slaves?  Or are we at last by  faith beyond sight*1 ready to spiritually break free of blind preconceptions? Who shall fully seek to reclaim cognizance of true belief and works ordained of the Lord Himself as Teacher?  (2Corinthians 5:7*1) (Isaiah 10:20-21, 30:1<8-15>20-21, 26:12-13, chs.28-32, 48-52, 55-61,  (1Corinthians 2:14, 5:6-8, 16:8) (Jeremiah 7:4-11, 31:31-36 … John 3:14-21, 14:6-21) (Malachi 2:1<7-10)<2:17-3:9>3:13-4:4) (Acts 18:4, 21:25) (Joel 3) (Luke 12:1) (Genesis 17:1-2 .. Matthew 5:48 .. Ephesians 4:1-4:13)

Should we fail to ask how many ways our slavemasters were enslaved physically and in conscience after biased caste orientations forced on their fathers? (Isaiah 5:13-26, 26:13, 28:7-22,  9:16)  Did ancient heathen Roman rulers rejoice in the emancipating proclamation that  freed beyond unjust judge’s sinful standards; the faithful  who heeded a Jewish Messiah’s sudden claims to all authority in heaven and earth? (Psalm 2) (Revelation 11:17-18)   What hidden about reconciling gospel covenant law is so revolutionary, Messiah of Israel warned the disciples defending its purest saving integrity of an impending hatred by all the nations, even unto and beyond a 70 AD. slaughter of Jerusalem by &Roman armies? (Matthew 28:18-21, 5:17-20, 24:1<9-20) (Luke 21) (Romans 8:35-39)   Indeed,  did worldly rulers ever genuinely concede Kingship over the nations to the Annointed Son of the God of Israel? Or did kings use forces and trickery to confuse the commands and image of the Messiah; at last to pervert the Church itself as its guard that controlling status quos not be exposed in founding folly?   They whose concept of freedom is defined by their captors are they who are truly enslaved.   Yet none has authority to restrain nor to enslave in any way, a mind! (Isaiah 57:8<11-13>21, 11:1-9)  (Luke 12:1) (John 8:23-<3136) (Isaiah 42:21-43:15, Hosea 7:8-8:2)

When Rome allowed any “jurisdiction”, the appointed “puppet’s*” duty was to monitor and curtail revolutionary thought. (Matthew 2:1-13) (John 11:47-53, 19:15) (*Mark 8:15) Internationally, GREAT TRIBULATION befell Jews and believers after Jerusalem’s 70 AD. fall immediately giving rise to centuries of the most fiendishly gross nationalist hate crimes and atrocities human history to that day and since will ever know! (Matthew 24:1-<16-22) Defending their common Faith, devout converts Jewish and Gentile; were enslaved, stripped of property, publicly raped, burned alive, fed to lions, and for sport mechanically tortured and torn apart!

Roman rulers ousted and appointed over churches a *puppet bishopry hypocritically compliant to nationalist political agendas.  The apostacized, polluted, misnamed mongrel “?Christianity?” (that was NOT the Koretsyahnea ie. Kurdishahnea the Early Church knew ..Early Church Origin and Forgotten Expectation  .. see also “Prophetic Proof” in this website. )  emerging after those years is the foretold “FALLING AWAY” perverse to neglect many doctrinal disciplines innately customary to sure saving Faith!   Since then, only the utmost lover of truth has discerned to overcome damning MYSTERIES of INIQUITY that left church doctrines corrupt-ly partial worldwide!  Rome killed the Early Church!  What most call “new covenant church” today, is a lawless counterfeit! (2Thessolonians 2:7-17) (Jude 3-4) (Mal.2:7-12, 2:17-3:9) (2Tim.3:16-4:4) (Isaiah 42:1 <19-43:10, 28:15-23, ch.14) (1Corinthians 4:4-5) ( Amos 8:11, Revelation chs.3:2-6, 2-3, 6-7, 13 .. Isaiah 49-50)

WHY as in ancient Rome did it become crucially important even unto the Americas that MESSIAH, a BLACK JEW (genetic evidence proves that the Jews of 2000 years ago were indeed a people of color) be depicted otherwise?  Such errant portrayals miscast today’s diversely impure “gospel teachings” as if void of ages-old systemic ploys!   These schemes confuse scriptural intents and meaning predisposing mass rejection of Divine command, plan, promise and authority!   CONSIDER!   The Koretsyahnean-Kurdishahnean movement by mid first century met the Roman Empire with what it quickly cited a dire threat to its survival.   We must remember that these were times when Caucasian rule was very much in its infancy.   The contributions of Black peoples and many ages of former non-white world dominion were still evident, the achievements and teachings of African peoples being well respected throughout the world.   Not by benevolence, but by sword-point, two-faced treachery and deception had Rome gained power. (Daniel 11)   (Revelation 13:7-12, Isaiah 14)   Rome was despised.  Yet nations weakened under her iron hand, for fear of her might and mistrust wrought of “bribes” coercing many to ally themselves instruments to her wily oppression.  Suddenly, out from midst of a tiny upper African nation Israel arose a Jewish Messiah, a black man, Son of the One Almighty God to directly confront the sovereigns of pagan Rome and its Aryan “Caesar Divine”!   All this came at a time when pagan “dieties” Rome adopted from the former powers of Egypt, Assyria and Babylon were often still being sculpted as they were depicted from antiquity, in the image of Black men and women!  (Isaiah 30:1-<8-15>-<26)

What now would peoples trust, believe, follow?   It was the Jews that heathen Rome associated and blamed for dissemination of this “gospel” sword of a loving but soon returning and avenging Messiah of God Almighty martyred unjustly at Roman hands.   In efforts to preserve and protect its newfound “Johnny-come-lately” nationalist dominance, sovereignty and pride, Rome responded to questions of split allegiances amidst its subjugated territories giving rise to perpetuated racist schemes of oppression against darker peoples everywhere!   Roman principality quickly placed under immediate suspicion and scrutiny all peoples of color.  They feared anyone “of color” might perhaps be a Jew, a Jewish sympathizer or more threateningly, an evangelical Jewish Believer ie. one having the ancient scriptural prophetic hope of Kurdishahnea!   (Romans 11)   Humanity since is robbed, caught in damning snares cursing generations of souls and psyches not discerning the origins or by who, when, where or for what these massive animosities began. (Malachi 2:1-7, 2:17-3:9]-4:4-5) 

Whites, unless caught in acts of religious profession or observance, devotional persuasions were difficult to discern.  Presided by paranoia, it was difficult not to presumptively associate Black people everywhere at least sympathizers of this fast-spreading Black Jewish sect whose words and practice was so adverse to controlling  agendas of jaded Roman eco-political and state-devised religious systems.  Its appeal to seekers of genuine truth had set aflame the souls of the masses after teachings of a Jewish Deliverer, the “Way of THE KURTI“! (Isaiah chs.13-14, 60-61)  Rome furiously retaliated against strict observance in this “One Way” destabilizer of polytheist Roman hegemony and power. (Revelation ch. 13-14) (Isaiah 29:8-16-32:8) (Joel 2:32-3:21… Acts 1:6-8)    Early anti-Jewish propaganda left Europe so devoid of conscience, it was later a Roman Pope who in 1455 commanded the slave trade in subjugation of African and other indigenous peoples of color world-wide.

Can a world be delivered to absolution by its beastly self-serving devices?  Shall vows to THE KURTI as Lord be counted viable while men obey commands of another? (Exodus 20:7)  Born under other “lords”, there is higher “Law” which if man dies without, he perishes. (Romans 2) (Isaiah 26:12-13)  A legacy of nationalist socio-political economic pressure forcing conformity to partial standards/ judgements of  resistant pagan Gentile majority short-sights whole nations of  the pure whole commanded Reality of a saving Faith which at its core its Author never intended to be practiced in any manner but one purely Jewish in its ideals, goals, thought, Holyday rituals and practice.  Rulers of nations however, feigning blessings of Abraham, refuse to reflect the Savior as defender of the Covenant Agreement to restore Israel & Judah as chosen  messenger to reintroduce Eternal will of Our Lord as saving light of a world! (John 1:1-5, 4:22-24, 3:14-21) (Isaiah ch.60, 14, 19, 47-52) (*Colosians 2:1-8<15-16) (Jeremiah 30:1-31:31-36) (Ezekiel 20:20)

What is the Mark of the Beast?  Misdirected, man has become proud of disobedience! (Isaiah 5:20-26) (John 16:2)   Each NATION invokes trust in false standards, allegiance to a curse; far short of salvation unto the Holy One of ISRAEL!  (Isaiah 29-30) (Psalm 2)  Ambitions of rulers and the ruled over beguile a humanity short of divinely created purpose.  While professing Messiah as the promised THE KURTI, Root and Offspring of David and Bright Morning Star .. (Revelation 22:16-21) travesty results as few truly yeild to a transcendant understanding that in despisal of God and man, all humankind shares one common enemy. (Matthew 7, 5:44-45, 10:11-16>-42, 16:24-27) (Revelation 13:1<16-17, ch.14)

Duped allies of our own demises, we enter a world succumbing to baffling schemes; victims of waiting deviate arenas, tests bent to provoke in us foolish hatred against real truth of God, ourselves and one another.   Shrouded behind veils of blasphemy, bigotry and misplaced blame, a common adversary harvests many unwitting stifled souls. (Isaiah 5:20-26, 24-26,28, 19, 59-60) (Amos 9:4) (Hosea 7:7-8:4>-10-11, ch.9)  Only a few strongest souls pursuant a truth-governed peace find salvation faith by Hope in the Promise of Israel’s awaited restoration. (Ephesians 2-4)  Unawares, unrelenting misdirected passions commit to damnation oppressed and oppressor alike.  Miscegenation blinds a world unable to link how Roman hatred against Israel spread against the Black race entire. (Deuteronomy 28:1-<30-68)   Bearing burdens of a kindred oppression, how great is our reward if we as one awaken  past ages of illusion and spite at last to become a saving truth long by nations denied?  If we shirk this heritaged opportunity unto knowledge, can we speak even one compassionate word against forced ordeals our fathers faced in the struggle? (Romans 11:1-<15, ch.1-3) (Isaiah 29:8-32:8, 9:16, 40:1-11>-ch.43) (Deuteronomy 29:9-15) (Matthew 23:27-33) (John 3:14-21, 4:22-23) (Hosea 11:7-12, Isaiah 11:1-<10-13>-14:5)

How has harmony evaded us?   Is the Savior-Messiah to blame for abolishing the Holy Law of Peace unto all nations?  Or is this supposition a scheme invoked by murderous Wicked rulers;.. to keep a  world lawlessly divided, confused; captive under political law/ authority of ancient pagan kings who globally suppressed the discerning knowledge of many Divine Laws in Truth?   To keep a world under controls of treacherous kings, pagan “lords” renamed damning heretical heathen commands as if the way of holiness!  A world yet remains denied both salvation and a freedom that serves the LORD in truth! (Daniel 11:28-39, 7:21-<23-25*>27…2Thessolonians 2:7<8-11….Isaiah 1:1<4>12]-14:5>26:, ch.24-<26:12-13, 5:20-26)  Stagnation under partial doctrines; precepts after ruling bias keeps *nations  short of the mark, divided in blind servile defense of *robbery in far less than the full  word;.. anti-Kurti, anti-Kurdishahnea  authority as He IS! (Isaiah 9:16, 14:5, 8:11-<16-20, 28:18-<20-22, 29:7<14-16>-30:8-15> 32:8) (Malachi 2:1-<7-10>2:17<3:7-*9>4:4) (Matthew 4:4, 15:7-9, 5:17-20, 7:15<21-23>28, 23:1<8-13) (Colosians 1:28-<2:1-2:8>10…Acts 16:16<21-22) (Phillipians 3:11-18, 2:2<8-11*2) (Ephesians 2:11-12, 4:1-<4-6>15)  (2Peter 2)  (Ezekiel 20) (Revelation ch.6-7)

My people! Be strong!   A world must yet glorify Him who made Heaven and Earth!  One True LORD will soon take full authority for teaching His LAW back to Himself! Then shall purest hidden truths be restored to primacy in this earth! (Jeremiah 31:1-<31-36, 18:18-20, ch..23) (Isaiah 57:1<10-14, 40:1-10<41:25-42:6> 43:22-53:1, 29:8-22)  That all nations as one in Abraham’s seed be blessedly restored in the pure knowledge of our Creator, the Savior-Messiah was born a Jew to confirm covenant Promises given unto the faithfully obedient patriarchs of Israel! (Genesis 18:17-19, 12:2-3, 22:17-18) (Romans 15:5-18)  In display of total self-sacrifice unto His Father’s will, He bore the sinful persecutions of  undiscerning world, that justifying knowledge be restored by One Divine standard. (Phillipians 2:8-11) (Isaiah 53:1<11-12 &ch.55-56>61, 49-50) (John 1:1, 3:14-21)  He rose thus to be obeyed as Lord above all kings! *2(Luke 6:46, 11:2) He came, He shall be revealed out of ZION to rebuke deceits of nations which suppress discernment of the LAW of the LORD who FIRST restores Israel with JUDAH as the LIGHT! (Isaiah 59-62) (Jere.30-31)  No confession is unto salvation without foundation TRUTH! (John 14:6)   Allegiances to misconceit will cease! (1Cor.13:10)  Men will at last know thankful self-sacrifice to the One God of Israel as LORD who from the sun’s rising to the west judges all nations world over by One Eternal LAW! (Romans ch.1-2, *11:25-12:2, *14:9-1>-15:3-8>16-18, 10:12-17, 8:6-14) (*Isaiah 59:1-<19-21, ch.48-53) (Psalms 2, 50:1-7]-50:16-23)    When all men are purged of deceits; absolved completely in common knowledge by the same Law, at last is fulfilled forepromised peace by the One Truth for all a world’s rainbow of peoples. (Isaiah chaps.11-14 & 55-<56>62, ch.24-26, 29:8-32) (Revelation 7:9-10, 19:11-20, 18:1-5, ch.14 & 11) (Matthew 28:18-21)

Know this my people!   YAH is ONE!  ALL that HE IS, ALL that is HIS BEING is ETERNALLY of ONE ACCORD!  There are NO CONTRA-DICTIONS in HIM!  Purity and completion offers but ONE CHOICE!   Know therefore that whatever is IMPURE and IMPERFECT will NEVER be as STRONG as that which is PURE and PERFECT after what is the INITIAL FOUNDATION of FAITH!   WE will only be STEADFAST and CONSTANT when we REALIZE what was from the BEGINNING promised as ETERNAL, that WE TOO shall be CONSISTENT and thus unwaveringly CONSTANT!   It is because man at his FALL dared to entertained the ABBERANT THOUGHTS of ANOTHER, that man FELL to FORMS of VACILLATION that we kept souls in BONDAGE to FALSE INFLUENCES; DIVIDE and CONQUER TACTICS that keep us FAR from becoming what FROM BEGINNING was intent to make us a STABLE PEOPLE in PERFECT AGREEMENT in the ETERNAL ONE, the MOST HIGH!   For them who would be FREE AT LAST to know what was, is and shall be KNOWN AGAIN as the FOUNDATION which will GALVANIZE a WORLD unto indeed is the TRUE RIGHTEOUSNESS which YAH has FOREORDAINED we must learn again to walk in! Please see the article “CHURCH ORIGIN” at   Discover that there is NOTHING WESTERN POLYTHEIST about the FOUNDATION of FAITH!  What then was the FAITH of the MONOTHEIST PEOPLE unto which the FAITH in YAH was FIRST given?    We will be FREE when we discern again what is the FOUNDATION and EXPECTATION of FAITH in what YAH FOREORDAINED to end ALL DOUBT!   See the articles,THE CITY“, and “FOUR CENTURIES of GREAT TRIBULATION“.

Great is a need for spiritual freedom  transcendantly soaring beyond blind misallegiances, faithfully to seek and know absolutely devoid all hypocrisy borne of ignorance, the One Lord.   The time has come for reacceptance of the wisdom of heaven’s light long hidden from our imagination’s consideration.  Precious and few are the well-cut jewels whose humble love for truth can overcome worldly tests that the Day of THE KURTI-SHAHSHANSHAH-KING OF KINGS must expose as dangers within every selfishly ambitious soul. (Isaiah 30:27-31)    Subservience to any lie yet serves a devil! (2Thessolonians 2:7-11)  I have prayed the LORD makes this message a blessing to YOU!  If your soul He has stirred, don’t miss your opportunity.  Let knowledge prick your conscience so that the greater truth can fully set you free!

How much divisiveness, robbery and demeaning of our race esteem was given license without reserve, in that the SAVIOR was NOT rightly portrayed to all men as He did indeed live in the world, as a MAN of COLOR, a BLACK MAN, a JEW!

There is so much more to be understood as the ancient connection between the children of Israel, Abraham and the ancient Parthian, ie. Medo-Persian Empire.    There is need to understand about how despite Roman persecution there yet remains along the borders of what were Persian territories tribes of what some call the “Black Chinese”.   Many of these are descended from the first people who came out of Africa from the days of Noah and remained less miscegenised than their if you will  more “westerly” eastern brethren.   (Consider that historians/ archaologists know that for many millenia the “BOAT atop MT. ARARAT” peoples of the East knew it to be NOAH’S ARK!   Genetic testing proves what the territory Abraham came from infers.  Abraham was a Kurd!   Many of these “Blasians” also are the remnants of theMedes“, “Mende/ Mande and “Manding” speakers who were galvanized eastward under Roman persecution.    There is much to be said regarding how many in the East under Roman persecution fled down into Africa again and have settled among the Ashanti and Mandinka/ Mandingo of the Ivory Coasts of Africa sharing to this day “hebrewisms” and language; many common roots!   Consider that religious leaders and tribal chieftans among the Churches of the East, many of which are children of the ancient Medes are to this day called Denkha or  “Dinka” meaning “East” ie. “Sunrise”,  for a reason!   True to ancient prophecies, many of them are they who were brought to the Americas, that is to say a “on ships to an Egypt to the west” whose descendants we are! (Deuteronomy 28:68, Hosea 11:7-12, Daniel 8:5-25)   See the on this blog the article “CHURCH ORIGIN” for further info!


Mat 10:41 Whoever welcomes a prophet in the name of a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward; and whoever welcomes a righteous person in the name of a righteous person will receive the reward of the righteous; Mat 10:42 and whoever gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones in the name of a disciple–truly I tell you, none of these will lose their reward.”

While fervently petitioning for the blessed concerted oneness of HIS PEOPLE as true to the PROMISE of HIS NAME, the MOST HIGH spoke to me with these words, “YOUR WORDS ARE PRECIOUS, BUT THEY ARE ONLY FOR THE MOST HUMBLE SOUL!”    The MOST HIGH YAH has MUCH that in these latter days MUST be RESTORED unto the minds of HIS OWN who will HEAR HIS VOICE!   They who discern the AWESOME POTENCY of that which is beheld upon these pages will discern the DIVINELY INSPIRED PRECIOUSNESS of this ever-expanding work and effort as an EXCEEDING BLESSING from ON HIGH to those PRECIOUS ONES whom YAH HIMSELF calls in preparation for the times of THE GREAT SEALING of PRESERVATION, CONFIRMATION, and PROTECTION in HIS NAME that is SO VERY SOON NOW to COME!    

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    • I am honored to be able to share this info and do indeed thank YAH for the opportunity! Indeed! Hallelu’YAH!

  1. I am so delighted to get these information from your website. I know that there are so much miss leading information out there about us as a people, and information to know the truth is almost impossible. I pray that the true facts will be revealed with scriptures, as the Holy Spirit makes it possible. Thank you

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