Upon the pages of this website shall be found the long hidden and secreted mysteries of faith in the gospel.  Because the sacred truths have been ignored, surreptitiously secreted and misrepresented for many ages, humanity remains unstably blinded by doubt and confusion.    Man has suffered for many ages of hopelessness seemingly without solution, of denial unto seekitude for comfort under the employs of false pride encouraged by deceptively self-devouring mechanisms of fallen hegemony adversarial against the Hope and the Promise of initial divinely ordained harmony, truth and Everlasting Peace.    Yet silence in the midst of it all has been the cost of enfranchising allegiance unto the divergent ideals and traditions of the nations! (Isaiah 48:14-49:6) Who in constant seekitude and humility before YAH has prepared himself wisely while waiting faithfully the coming of Him whose name is LORD? (1Corinthians 3:18-4:5 .. Isaiah 50:10-51:8)

Some have asked, where is the Reward of His ancient Promise unto the Fathers of Israel for sake of the salvation oneness unto the peace of this world? (Romans 15:1-33, Isaiah 49:1-6>-22, Revelation 7:1-17) What truly are prophetically the greatest signs have been hid from all but the most diligent minds.   Only the few are prepared to hear the report which kings and rulers have dared to neglect and would not fully consider.  (Isaiah 52:1-53:1, 28:1-<10-23>-32:8 .. Matthiah/ Matthew 7:13-28) As foretold, the difference between the righteous and wicked, between them who served the Lord and them who served Him not, shall be revealed! (Malachi 3:18-4:6) The time of realization and reckoning now is far sooner than most have  begun even to imagine! (Isaiah 40:1-42:4)


Blesssings to you all!

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    • Shalom to you and yours Elishebah Israel! I thank YAH ever day for the blessings of HIS power and revelation that HE now offers for the healing reconciliation of HIS PEOPLE! I thank HIM for HIS MERCY in the STEADFASTNESS of HIS PROMISE for every ear that HE brings near! A BLESSED FEAST TO YOU!

      Let it be known what YAH is offering here and at BLOGTALKRADIO/EDC1 The TIME to SHINE is NOW! To HIS MIGHT, HONOR, GLORY and PRAISE ALWAYS! Hallelu’YAH!

    • SHALOM! Thanks so very much for your comments! I truly thank YAH for every ear that HE brings near! For much more constant updates regarding the subject matter entertained on this site, give a listen to my nightly show on BTR at BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/EDY1!


    • Thank you for your comments! I do indeed thank YAH for every ear that HE brings near! Let the truth be told! Hallelu’YAH!

    • Good day to sir,

      You may contact me much more directly at hiddengospelsite@yahoo.com

      Mayhaps we can speak further. Do you have Skype?

      There is so much MORE the Most High is revealing EVERY DAY! Much
      elaboration upon the topics found here are at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/edy1

      Before the people shall discern the Messiah as He is, there is so much
      “cleaning up” to do before the vessel is worthy to be fully enlightened.

      Unto YAH be the Might, Majesty, Supreme Sovereign Honor and Praise Always!


  1. First of all, we Thank God Almighty He Lead us to your website, Ed Ymiah
    We’re Living in Line With Things you Speak about the Hidden Gospel and Really Feel the Urge to Come Together First of all to Thank and Worship Him, so we Can Hear How to Start our Contact, because it is NOT about us, It’s ABOUT HIM, Who Paid the Price With His Own Blood to Set us Free to Come Deeply Home, so we have now the Possibility to Hear From Him what to Do, instead of doing our own thoughts, ‘good’ works, but NOT His Work for especially That Moment; we Have to Learn to Hear His Voice so Clearly, only Possible to Go our own Way IN Him; a Way of Sanctification, so His Anointing Moves us Forward, While we Stay IN His Shabbat-Rest; a Deep Secret IN Itself and for so many Called Ones still unknown. We Think you’ll agree with this. This Has to Change very Soon and we Believe (Hope and Pray) That our Contact Will Be a First Step to Know each other Better, so He Is Able to Use us both to Build His House of Holiness, Which Is His Assignment for me since 1995 by a Deep Vision, Confirmed by His Rhema-Word 1 Chron.28:10+20 in 1996, and Set Free for The New End Time Work; Standing With a Banner of Love in the Midst of wounded Called Soldiers, always Moving on the Cutting Edge, Standing in the Midst of What He’s Doing in the World; Now 7 years past by, and Step by Step He’s Bringing other Called Ones on our Way; in this Case It’s you; we are so Pleased and Bless you In His Holy Name, The Name of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, God Himself Who Came in the flesh, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; we Bless you With a Big Breakthrough Anointing Set Free From Sion, Love to Be One, only possible IN Christ, Aquila Deborah, on behalf of Israel Immanuel

    • Shabbat Shalom Achot and Achi! Always thankful for every ear the Most High
      calls forth to hear! There is indeed so much TRUTH that is most precious
      because of its rarity that yet our people surely MUST HEAR! Indeed! It is
      FAITH the most rare and most neglected truths of the scripture that grant the
      greatest WORTH to the soul of them who believe.

      Don’t miss the constant follow-ups to the articles on this website that are
      a part of the regular broadcasts at http://WWW.BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/EDY1 I am
      looking forward to seeing your faces in the place! The MESSAGE becomes
      more EXPLICITLY CRYSTAL CLEAR with each and every passing day. Yea indeed,
      at times with each passing MOMENT!

      Be sure to SHARE awareness of this GREAT OUT-POURING from the MOUTH of the
      MOST HIGH! For the time that the HIGHER REVELATIONS of HIS WORD that MUST
      be brought again to the REMEMBRANCE of OUR PEOPLE, is NOW! As such, a
      ministry that would reveal what FEW are willing, needs all the support and
      publicity it can get! Indeed, it is the responsibility them whose

      These indeed are “very exciting times”. STAY WATCHFUL! YAH reveals






      Unto YAH be the Might, the Majesty, the Supreme Sovereign Honor and
      Praise Always! HALLELU’YAH!

      A thankfully servant of YAH, humbled by HIS call to service,
      Ed Ymiah

      BTW. After having read the article “SECRET CITY PROPHECIES”
      http://www.hiddengospel.com/secret-city you may find VERY interesting
      a recently released article from “THE ATLANTIC” magazine …


      I will be checking out your website as well. Unto the completion unto all the pure and
      perfect word of unity unto peace divinely required forever! Shabbat Shalom!

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