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2 Cor 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbeliefvers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with lawlessness? What fellowship has light with darkness? (Isaiah 48:14<18>49:6) (John 8:31-36, 14:6) (Rev.14:12) (Matt.5:16-20) (*Ps.68:4)

2 Cor 6:15 What marriage concord has the Savior with Belial/ Satan? or what part has a believer with an infidel? (An infidel one whose beliefs are not in full accord in the truth of Messiah.)

2 Cor 6:16 What covenant agreement has a temple or kingdom consecrated to GOD, with worship of heathen gods?  YOU are the TEMPLE of the LIVING God; as *YAH has said, I  , MY LAW will dwell in them, walk in them; I will be their God; they will be MYpeople. (Jeremiah 31:31-36, 7:4-11) (1Corinthians 3:16-18) (Malachi 2:7-12) (Isaiah 29:7-16) (Jude 1:12,  2Pet.2:13)

2 Cor 6:17 COME OUT from among the UNCLEAN PRACTICES and DOCTRINES of the NATIONS, and be ye SEPARATE, saith the LORD, and TOUCH NOT the UNCLEAN thing; and I will WELCOME YOU, (Isaiah 48:1649:1-6>50:1051:2<4-7><52:1-2>-9-<10-12>53:1) (REVELATION 18:1-5) (Ezekiel 22:25-28, 44:23-24)

2 Cor 6:18 And I will become a Father unto you, and you shall become MY sons and MY daughters in TRUTH, saith the Lord Almighty. (John 1:1<12-14, 3:14-21)

2 Cor 7:1 Having therefore these sure* promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from ALL filthiness of the flesh and spirit, wholly perfecting holiness/ purity in reverence of *YAH. (Isaiah 66:1-5, 1:18-20) (John 14:23) (1Cor.5:7-8) (*Ps.68:4)

Mat 18:3 NIV  And He said: I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven 4  Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  5  “And whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes Me.   6  But if anyone causes even one of these little ones who believe in Me to SIN, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. 7  WOE to the world because of the things that cause people to SIN!   Such things must come, but WOE to the MAN through whom deceptions come! (Rom.16:18 NIV)  

The *Gospel is unto all understanding, perfect, stable, one beyond all diverse divisive fallen allegiances, all peoples knowing only One Hope for Peace. (Colosians ch.1-2) (Rom.10:13-17) (Isa.40:1-10) Less than the whole pure word is not the Gospel of Peace comminded in Our ONE Lord. The Son did not shed blood that His FATHER accept IMPerfect offerings! To think any deviation viable is instability, deceits, antipathies, SIN. (Mat.*5:17-20, *28:18-20, John 1:12-13 .. Ephes.2:8-11, 6:11-18 .. James 1:1-<6-8) (Hos.4:1-6) (Heb.10:26-31) Vows unto partiality are deceptive profanity, doubt against the integrity of the LORD’S NAME! (John 14:15) (Mat.15:6-9) (Isaiah 29:8-16) Differing beliefs are notone faith; not wisdom, but impure partialknowledge base“, sin. *Belief in even one deviate lying pollution is blind uncleaness against the fullness of Faith, not worship of the ONE LORD! (Isaiah 30-32 .. 1Cor. 3:1-4) Purity and completion offer one choice!   Faith in One is unto one Faith. A vow not to do ALL as initially intent in the LORD’S comminded vision, is hypocritically partial in the law, apart from holiness; under many adversarial misruling curses of unjust *anti-messiahs. (Gal.3:10) (Isaiah 48:14-49:6, ch.59) (Mal.2:1-4:6) HOLY Spirit does not divide or take from the Faith; but teaches ALL to be PURE in ALL Divine  Command Eternal unto ONE Truth! (Acts 3:18-23) (Mat.28:18-20, 5:17-20) (Eph.4:4-13)  *(John 14:26) Satan pollutes, divides, perverts discretion of divinely comminded ordinances, counterfieting justice with unjust partialities, that many robbers rule against honor due  the LORD ALONE! (Mal.2:17-3:9) (Psa.2, 68:4) (Jude 1-4) (*2Thess.2:7-12) YAH is served but by HIS commands! (1John 2:4) (Psalms 68:4)   Beliefs, practices, and teachings discern man’s thoughts as wholly of God; or under yoke of men! (Luke 6:46) None serves the LORD without knowledge that exceeds short-sightedly partial plans of pretentious men who HATE HIM! (Exod.20:5-7) (Isa.47:8-14><49:1-6>52:12, ch.59) (Mat.7:13-28) Self-willed, self-righteousness is damningly divisive denial against all that is Divine Righteousness.

None has power to serve the Lord without true knowledge of DIVINE will. Messiah does not come that men remain stagnantly proud, nor self-satisfied in vain adversarial self-righteousness.  True unto the Holy Spirit, one righteous peace is revealed! Man misrepresents, provokes and defiles the Lord’s Name, deceiving others in word and example; until he becomes wise how not to! (John 3:14<18>21, 1:12-13) A Wise Servant knows his Master is served only by what FULLY PLEASES HIM! (Isa.56:1-8)(Genesis 17:1-8) Mankind was not made ignorant, but in the image of YAH to glorify Divine nature in wisdom. (Psalms 68:4) Fallen from righteous purposes of Creator, under diverse curses, selfish ambitions of oppressive rulers, man dared to exchange GOD’S TRUTHLIES, lawless unruly purposes of MEN. (2 Tim.3:5)  (Mark 12:28-31) (Rom.1-2)

True Believers know polytheism and the SHEMA cannot mix! (Deuernomy  5:11 .. Mat. 22:37-40) CONFUSION defiling DIVINE WILL, witting or not cannot be LIFE, but DEATH! (Romans 2:12) JUDGEMENT DAY NEARS! None survives but in repentance toward DISCERNMENT. To live, man must now exchange his love for LIES, to turn again unto TRUTH! (Isaiah 59:20) Nothing else is reconciled atonement unto LIFE ETERNAL! (Romans 1:21-25) By many misinterpretated standards is a world dividedly damned, blind under deceptions. Yet GOD’S WORD as declared by HIM from the BEGINNING is an ETERNAL PLAN.   MESSIAH is RESTORER of that very WORD as it from the BEGINNING was, is and shall ever be unto LIFE! (John 1:1-3) (Malachi 4:4) BE NOT DECEIVED! (Gal.6:7) (2Thess.2:7-12) To DARE say MESSIAH  puts away DIVINE LAW is to say HE is NOT CO-CREATOR with GOD! For by the intents of a LAW was a world created. Until making fully manifest the initial  intents of OUR CREATOR is a WORLD maintained! (Mal.4:4-6 .. Revelation 7:1-17 .. Isaiah ch.49) The LORD is NOT a MAN that HE could LIE!  HE shall uphold ALL the WORD HE spoke by the PROPHETS since the WORLD BEGAN! That which YAH has declared, HE shall surely make good!  Therefore a faithful minister of YAH is commanded to teach ALL things! (Acts 3:18-23) (Numbers 23:19) (Psalms 68:4)

*No word of instruction but GOD’S OWN is a covenant promise for global salvation! There is no redemption from worldly bondage serving the works, rule and doctrines of this world after commands of another! (Luke 6:46) (Isa.48:14-19>-49:6) Time is come. To survive The Judgmentdiscern the acceptable will of the LORD as it is!  In his many churches, man has not purely served the LORD, but loved the profaneness of an other! (Matt.6:24) LESS than ALL the LORD’S LAW is SELF-righteous allegianceS to CURSES against ALL who in HOLY NAME of the ONE GOSPEL would find PEACE! (Matthew 28:18-20, Deuteronomy 7:26, Galatians 1:1-6) A Holy Covenant tainted is no more Holy, nor is it anymore a Covenant with the Holy One.

THE LAW OF YAH IS PERFECTLY ONE!  (Psalms 19:7-14)     The MISRULE ie. FLAW ie. FALSE LAW of MEN is the FALL!      There is NO HEALING of this WORLD unto the WILL of the HOLY ONE, but by the LAW of the HOLY ONE of ISRAEL!       Therefore it is the FOOL who believes that in a FALLEN WORLD it is the LAW DIVINE that is put away in HOPE of MANKIND learning how NOT to LIE!   It is ALL the RULERS who maintain IMPURE and IMPERFECT STANDARDS that have DIVIDED this WORLD AGAINST the PURE PERFECT RIGHTEOUSNESS of the ONE MOST HIGH! (Psalms 2)   The GIFT-GRACE of YAH is the RE-REVELATION of that VERY LAW which FROM the BEGINNING DOES NOT and CANNOT CHANGE!

THE MISRULING STANDARDS of MEN are ALL of them DAMNING SIN! (Isaiah 40:1-<27-41:5>-<21-42:4>-<16-25>-43:15)


WHY did Paul send this letter as an epistle of warning to the converting GENTILES?

Colossians 2:4 And this I say, lest any MAN beguile you with FLATTERING WORDS.

Colossians 2:5 For though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the spirit, I joy in beholding your ORDER, and the STEADFASTNESS of your FAITH in MESSIAH.

Colossians 2:6 As ye have received MESSIAH as LORD, so are ye to abide in HIM:

Colossians 2:7 Be rooted and founded in HIM, built up in THE FAITH*,… IF ye have been taught in HIM, abounding in THANKSGIVING /GRACE/ GRATITUDE for being REFINED in HIM. (Romans 6:7-14) (2 Corinthians 5:7) (Isaiah 11:1-<3>-4, 34:16)



Converting once heathen Gentiles were warned to seek stability in perfect wisdom; to love / keep /preserve fully the One True Faith to exceed curses of diverse worldliness*! (James 1:1-6) (Mat.28:18-20*) (Col.1-2) (2Thess.2:7-12) (Rom.1-2, 9-15) (Rev.6:9) Less than trust in the whole Gospel is not Vision, but damning di-visions, polytheism!  No polytheist converts to pure monotheism lest called unto ALL DIVINE LAW as the standard! The Gospel decrees all holy righteousness in exceeding all polytheisms that divide this world.


Eph 2:11 REMEMBER, that in times past you were Gentiles, (pagans in idolatries of the FLESH, … you were reprobates, not sons) .. (Genesis 17:1-12*)

Eph 2:12 .. Ye were without MESSIAH, having no part in the Commonwealth of ISRAEL; Apart from holy covenant assurance of ONENESS restored, having NO HOPE, without true knowledge of YAH, and thus lost in the world: (Hebrews12:1-8) (*2Thess.2:1-<7-12) (Psalms 68:4)*

It is a SHAME that the TREACHEROUS RULERS among the NATIONS of the GENTILES have SCHEMED SINCE the FALL of MANKIND, to HIDE the KNOWLEDGE of the HOLY NAME from YOU, that the PEOPLES have called to the MOST HIGH after the PAGAN NAMES, PAGAN TRADITIONS, the VANITIES of FALSE “dieties”, CONFUSION already extant among the HEATHEN!   (Hosea 2:17)

*REALIZE THE TRUTH! Deceived in irreverence against pure perfect righteousness in DIVINE LAW, a world is in BONDAGE under LAWlessness of ambitious deceitful RULERS! Man seeks FAVOR in DISOBEDIENCE! In the LORD’S NAME I PRAY you study to find re-atonement in the following FACTS. Many ideals pastors now call *****(Christian“, are actually vain pagan conceits long extant before birth of MESSIAH! Refusing to see his fall into vain depravities, man comforts himself by calling every incomplete robber hegemony, a “religion” or “god”. *

* There is much to be understood about the word “Christian”.

1) In pagan celebration of  “DIONYSIA“, the Greeks worshipped “DIONYSUS”, heathen god of drunkeness and wine on December 25 hundreds of years before the Savior was born! Messiah Himself actually celebrated the Jewish Feast of Temple Rededication in honor of earlier times when in the days of the Jewish Maccabees Israel slew heathen Greeks who planned to observe “Dionysia” in the Temple mount consecrated to the LORD at Jerusalem! (John 10:22) December 25 was chosen by heathen SUN-worshippers from the days of ancient BABYLON and EGYPT because it signaled the WINTER SOLSTICE of the SUN, when sunlit hours began again to lengthen. (Isaiah 65:9<10-11>25, 29:8-16) (Jeremiah 7:4-11, 10:1-4)

2) In Rome, this Dionysus was called BACCHUS, god of wine and fertility. In the season leading to December 25, Rome observed pagan feasts, Saturnalia and BACCHANALIA. In Bacchus’ worship Rome reveled in many days of lawless sex orgies and drunken brawls. Thus was Bacchus linked with “Tues” or “Mars”, the god of war and with Poseidon/ Neptune, god of the seas since Rome was known for its fierce armada of crew/ (krewe) warships. To this day many impose the symbol of the crosswithin an “anchor”, not discerning the pagan origins of all they do!   Babylon used the “T” or “t” likened to the ancient phallic Egyptian “ankh” in reverence for the pagan sun-god Tammuz! Consider, it is “X” and not “T” that is used to cross-outa word, or double-crossa friend! The t later a cruxifying murder weapon, symbolized Tammuz’ victory against the Son of the Living God! As pagan “Lord of MISrule”, Bacchus ie. Tammuz was believed to bless the “fertile fun” of orgiastic festivals. Without trust in Bacchus, none gained entrance in the jolly old time of filthy debauchery and lawless disorder inate in all their heathen revelries!

3)  What the unaware today call “NEW YEAR’S DAY”, that too is of pagan papal origins.    What today is called the “GREGORIAN CALENDAR” after POPE GREGORY of the SIXTEENTH CENTURY is a later derivative of earlier ROMAN changes to the calendar which placed JANUARY to the worship of the pagan deity JANUS ie.likened to CHRONOS, ie. “FATHER TIME” to declare NEW BEGINNINGS and the END of things, even of the beginnings and terminations of a YEAR.    This imagining was NOT initially a belief, tradition nor practice among the HEBREWS nor even also the ROMANS! (Daniel 7:25)   The BEGINNING of the MONTHS was always in the SPRING of the YEAR, ie. near the time of the FEAST of PASSOVER in SPRING, in the times of NEW LIFE!    NOT the dead COLDNESS of WINTER!

Some may remember the Shakespearean play, “JULIUS CAESAR”.    The play refers to what was then regarded the beginning of the year, called “the IDES of MARCH“.     Think about it!

JANUS was by the ROMANS considered the deity who looked forward and back in time.     This worship was by no means common among the people of YAH!

4) To SUN-worshippers, the cold and dreary cloudiness of winter was a time of dismal uneasiness.  To offset mass melancholia, the LUPERCALIA (“SAINT” VALENTINE’S DAY) preparing for MARDI GRAS /FAT TUESDAY CARNIVALS continued as the heathenfleshly delights in promises of BACCHUS‘ return from the Underworld in early Spring.  (Ezekiel 30:3-8)

5) Is there a hidden link between the wanton sexual license of MARDI GRAS and EASTER SUNday? After MARDI GRAS (Fat TUESday) comes Ash WEDNES day beginning 40 days of LENTEN season adding up to EASTER SUNDAY! In pagan lore, the wife of TUES/ MARS (MARch), god of WAR, was VENUS (April-EASTER), goddess of the DAWN, FERTILITY and pagan LUST! Like the SUN, VENUS rises as the EASTERN STAR, or EASTER!   MESSIAH died to be LORD; not that any day unto Him be called by the name of a heathen goddess! (Romans 14:8-9, 15:5-14) MESSIAH’S HOLY KINGDOM has NO fellowship with IDOLATROUS commands of MEN! (1John 5:3) (Ezekiel 8:15-18)

EASTER is timed near Spring equinox when the SUN passes the equator causing day and night to be of equal length.   X-MAS comes 9 months later. The Catholic “NATIVITY OF JOHN” occurs each year 3 days following JUNE 21, SUMMER SOLSTICE!   This is all PAGAN SUN-WORSHIP!   NO unclean CARNAL conscience has ability to discern what it is to keep a holy day, acceptable unto the LORD! Every blasphemous mockery against Divine rule is provocation in preference for lawlessness of men; disrespectful pretense wiser worship of the One Almighty! Gentile kings favoring their thrones, disfavored true knowledge of OUR LORD! (Isaiah 14:1-5) To preserve the same forbidden heathen practices and traditions, rulers used false doctrines as if the Chosen SON is served in rebellion against the LAW of the FATHER! False rulers counterfeit salvation, abusing the HOLY NAME as a mask to “coverenslavement to sin. (Isaiah 25:7, 29:24-30:1-3) Beguiled by illusions, many imagined if none sees the treachery, “no crime committed!” None is restored from blindness by a “god” incapable of sight! The LORD is not served by preference for partial standards of men! (Matt.15:6-9, 7:13<21-23>28, 5:17-20) (Exodus 20:7) (Isaiah 11:1-4, 29:7-20) These are fables, damning *provocative self-exaltation, departure from sound fullness in hope of the Gospel. All the holy prophets wrote of old is for church doctrine, for common expectation that both Jew and Gentile believers find faithfulness unto one hope! (1Tim.3:16-4:4)  (John 3:14-21) (Rom.2:12-13, ch.15 ..Eph.2:8-12) (2Cor.4:3 10:4-6) (Hosea 4:6) (Isaiah 65:12) (Acts 3:18-23)

Many ways seem righteous unto men, but being sin, receive wages/ curses of destruction. (Proverbs 14:12) None continues in SIN that GOD’S GRACE may perpetually abound.  Since wages of trust in SIN is divisive CURSES; the one reasonable conclusion is that the GRACE Our LORD never abolishes DIVINE LAW; but reveals exceeding eternal WISDOM that puts MISRULE, the FLAW of MEN to OPEN SHAME! (Romans 6:1 & 6:14-17 & 26) (1John 3:4) FAITH in YAH (Psalms 68:4) grants FAVOR to OVERCOME diverse MISRULING ILLUSIONS of this WORLD; by receiving the LAWful instruction of the LORD of TRUTH! (Rev.2:17, 22:14) (Isa.5:20-26, 30:18-20, 1:18-20)   Trust in the MANY DIVERSE STANDARDS of MEN was NEVER FAITH nor was such INDISCRETION, DEBATE, DOUBT and DOUBLE-MINDED HALF-HEARTEDNESS to be consider FAITH in YAH!


MESSIAH was NOT born on December 25. BACCHUS was the “Roman lord of MISrule” who “blessed” December 25 SATURNALIA festivities.  When ROME “thought” to honor “CHRIST(actually their KHRISTOS) on that day, they rejected reverence for the Holy Covenant! (Daniel 7:23<25>-27, 11:28-32) The heathen regarded the SAVIOR as a NEW BACCHUSto grace their lawLESSness! (Malachi 2:17-3:9) ROME Christ’s Mass” commanding churchmen to LIE or DIE! (2Thess.2:7-12) 4TH CENTURY X-MAS at ROMAN STATE CHURCH mandate was but a continuation of the pagan BACCHANALIA! Consider the MARDI GRAS “KING REX” who blesses the FLOATS, the crew-ships of “KREWES de BACCHUS“. His attire bears striking resemblance to that of present St. Nicholas(SataNickLaws); the blue-coated “FATHER CHRISTMAS” of Middle Ages fame; the patron “saint” of SEA-farers!   A LORD of MISRULE was chosen to preside over X-MAS festivities on ALL SAINTS?” DAY/ HALLOW’EEN!  All this masked charade was mockery to hide blame millions of SAINTS Rome murdered/ martyredto preserve LAWLESS misindoctrinations of STATE! (Revelation 14:12) MARDI GRASKING REX” is the same X-MAS Lord of MISrule, symbolic of BACCHUS himself!  Shocking connection exists between rounded X-MAS evergreen TREE ornament “BALLS” and the BEADS that REX throws down on waiting MARDI GRAS crowds! Ancient pagans few Catholics today realize; why “prayer beads” were used to petition favor of Venus/ Mary, their queen of heaven!  These “beads” symbolize the fertile “testicles” of Bacchus/ Mars! (Jeremiah 7:18, 9:12-16, 8:9)

Another point of note!   No doubt that the very concept of SANTA CLAUS is a copy-cat derivation of the pagan Nordic Druid concept of ODIN, ie. WOTAN/ WODEN of NORSE MYTHOLOGY!    It is said of him, “He traversed the earth in one yule night giving gifts unto men!”     To convince, need we say more? …

In direct REBELLION, ancient BABYLON named the 1st weekDAY to worship their SUNgod.  ROME later deceived nearly all to mistake the LORD’S HOLY SABBATH  of  7th Day REST as an ordinary work day to prepare for the 1st Day of the SUN! (Genesis 2:2-4) The bible nowhere commands SUNday assembly!  When NT texts cite “1st day of the week, actual scroll writ is “1st after Sabbath (assemblies)“. (Acts 13:42-44, 18:4)

The LORD makes NO COVENANT with PERVERSITY but to DESTROY IT!    Indeed in that ALL NATIONS have SINNED and FALLEN SHORT of the GLORY of YAH, any supposed “covenant” that flatters or placates to preserve any of the PARTIAL and PERVERSE DIVERSELY CONTRADICTIVE IDEOLOGIES which DIVIDE the NATIONS against the FULLNESS of DIVINE RIGHTEOUSNESS, can only be an UNHOLY COVENANT!     ONE TEACHER delivers a WORLD by ONE TEACHING!    FAITH in ONE is unto ONENESS!    MESSIAH commands the BAPTISM of ALL the NATIONS unto the SANCTITY of ONE ETERNAL TRUTH! (Matthiah/ Matthew 5:14-21)   The MOST HIGH does NOT DENY the GLORY that is the HEIGHTS of HIS CONSCIENCE.    By the GIFT GRACE of HIS SPIRIT does HE RAISE the CONSCIENCE of MANKIND that the NONE should FALL VICTIM under the WILES of the UNRIGHTEOUS PARTIALITIES and DECEITS of the WICKED who DENY the GOSPEL of PEACE! (Isaiah 11:1-4>-14:1-5  … 2Thessolonians 2:1-<7-12)

(Isaiah 29:8-16>30:1-1<32:8, 24:9, 25:7-9, 60:12, ch.13 34)  (Psalm 1:6, 101:8, 145:20) None finds GOD’S favor/ mercy/ GRACE if *tricked unto hatred against GOD’S commands! (Exodus 20:4-11)  (Romans 8:6-14)  (Mal.2:17) (Habbakuk 2:4 .. Heb.10:38) Man is not saved YAH, but is a LIAR serving LIARS till finding TRUTH! (2Corinthians 4:3)  (Acts 1:8) (John 14:6) (Rom.10-15)   JUDGEMENT DAY comes! Survival is but in DISCRETION agreed to abide in exceeding righteousness, the LAW of OUR LORD! (Malachi 3:17-4:4)   LAW DIVINE is NOT abolished by FAITH in the SAVIOR as LORD. Deceptive pretentious flaw, mis-insights, SINS of MEN are exposed as shame and folly. (Isaiah 26:9<12-13)  (1John 3:4)    He who deceives the TEMPLE, GOD destroys. (1Corinthians 3:16-17)   A faithful minister is obligated to guard and enlighten in all truth that the temple of YAH be re-created in righteousness, mind, heart and soul!     By FAITH, the ancient saints kept the LAW of the LORD preserving faithfully the  Promise anticipating coming of ONE HOLY Kingdom! The Whole Word of Peace is the Gospel! No man is saved byfaithin any lie. Fallen short of FULL lawFUL DIVINE GLORY, man is snared under the contradictions of lawLESS animosities! Any NATION exalting self-righteous partial doctrines is the SINof adversarial polytheisms against lawfulhealing restoration as the only Hopefor Gospel Peace. (Isaiah ch.34, 47-52) (Mat.28:18-20)    COME NOW to the only LAW the LORD ordains ETERNAL! (Isaiah 55:7-56:8) (Mal.2:1-10, 2:17-3:9, 4:4) The MOST HIGH YAH  has decreed no religious obstacleagainst HIS PROMISE to FIRST RESTORE righteous rule to ISRAEL as of OLD according to ALLHEspoke by His holy prophets since world began. HIS righteous LAW thus remains the HEALING for ALL NATIONS! To even THINK otherwise is SIN of FALSE RELIGION! (Matthiah/ Matthew 5:17-20) (Acts 3:18-23, Romans 15, Mal.3-4, Zeph.3:13, Rev.10, 7, 14:1-12, ch.13) (Jere.30:1-<31:31-36) (Nahum  1:15 .. Isa.49, 52:1-7, 8:9-9:8) (Exodus 20:7) Rulers scheme so none discerns their schemes to rob your knowing the Gospel truth! (Joel 2:32-ch.3) (Isaiah 65:12, 66:4, 48:14-49:6, 52:7, 24:1-<12-16, 25:1-<7-9, 29:15, ch.50) In the LORD there is ONE TRUE CALL and WISE RESPONSE!

As the FAITH unto the FULL FRUITION of the ABRAHAMIC PROMISES to bring  the ELECT SONS of ISRAEL BACK from the SCATTERED DIASPORA of the NATION’S DELUSIONS, so also MUST admonition for the REMEMBRANCE of the HOLY LAW discerned in the RIGHTEOUS ADMINISTRATION of the HOLY SPIRIT be PRESERVED!   For what is to be REMEMBERED should NEVER have been FORGOTTEN!  In the RESTORATION of the ELECT SONS and DAUGHTERS of ISRAEL unto the ANCIENT UNDERSTANDING known unto the ANCIENT HEBREW FATHERS, shall a WORLD again DISCERN the LIGHT of the LORD as ONE WISDOM PEACE unto ALL the NATIONS! (Malachi 3:18-4:6 .. Romans chapter 15 .. Isaiah chapters 48:1-<22-49:6>-52:7)

The HOLY SPIRIT TEACHES ALL THINGS unto a HOLY ONENESS that ALL PEOPLES come unto ONE UNDERSTANDING beyond EVERY DECEIVING TEACHES of any FALLEN STANDARD!   (Isaiah 11:1-4>14:5 .. 2Thessolonians 2:1-<7-12) Shamefully, in having BROKEN the LAW of the LORD unto what NOW is human INDISCRETION, mankind has rendered himself BROKEN aside the PEACE unto MANY VAIN PIECES none of which has HEALING POWER to COMPLETELY RESTORE the MIND, BODY and SOUL of MEN unto STEADFASTNESS in DIVINE SERVICE!     As it is written, “If any man considers himself WISE in this WORLDLINESS, let him count himself a FOOL that he may become WISE!”      “They who WAIT for the LORD shall RENEW their STRENGTH! ”  (1Corinthians 3:18-4:5 … Isaiah 40:1-<27-41:3>-42:4)


MANKIND in the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH will LEARN AGAIN beyond DIVISIVE ILLUSIONS and LIES what it means indeed to BLESS … rather than CURSE ..  the NAME OF THE LORD!     This is DIVINE PROMISE unto DELIVERANCE unto ALL that is the HOLINESS and FULLNESS of DIVINE SERVICE!

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Stay tuned for constantly growing awareness in the CONSCIENCE of the ALMIGHTY!

My name is ED YMIAH!



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