Yeoshua or Jesus? WHO is the SAVIOR who SAVES MEN from SINS?

Yeoshua ie. E’oshu or Jesus? WHO is the SAVIOR?    WHO did the MESSIAH say at REVELATION 22:12-16 that He IS?

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JESUS … Etymology:Late Latin from Greek IESOS, from Hebrew YESHUA

See also “HESUS” ..

There are no multitude of “NATIONAL gods” viable after the CONSTRAINTS of each “NATION“.    The WHOLE EARTH shall be judged by the SAME PERFECT TRUTH of the ONE MOST HIGH! (Psalms 2, Revelation 19:11-21, Isaiah 34)

Origin: 1200–50 AD; Middle English < Late Latin Iēsus < Greek Iēsoûs < Hebrew Yēshūaʿ, syncopated variant of Yəhōshūaʿ God is help; in Early Modern English, the distinction (lost in Middle English) between Jesus (nominative) and Jesu (oblique, especially vocative; see Jesu) was revived on the model of Latin and Greek sources; Jesus gradually supplanted the older form in both nominative and oblique.

Jesus. Origin:
1150–1200 AD; Middle English < Late Latin Iēsu, oblique (orig. vocative) form of Iēsus < Greek Iēsoû; see Jesus
NOTE! I have chosen to use the original Hebrew names and terminologies were appropriate. (Exodus 20:7) Thus you will find below such terms as “Yeoshua”, in the Aramaic “Eshoo” knowing the true name of the Anointed One was likened to that of the Moshe’s successor the son of Nun called Yehoshuah” which englishmen have framed“Joshua”. Maschiach, or Meshikah as Hebrew and Aramaic terms I find preferable rather than the later Greek term “Christ“. It is to be noted that the Messiah was not western Greek. He did not have Greek parents nor a Greek name, but rather one that is decidedly Eastern Aramaic of Hebrew origin. Where it is written,He will save His people from their sins” at Matthiah/ Matthew 1:21 … (please note Romans 11:25-27 .. Isaiah 59:19-62:12 .. Zephaniah 3:13 .. Revelation 14:1-6, 7:1-17 .. Isaiah 49) … the root word for “save” is the Hebrew word “yasha”. The Son of Man whom His parents knew as Yeoshua was never called after the later Greek then later English contrivance “Jesus” at any time during His life. Many other names in the bible have been anglicized over the centuries. For example, the apostle called “Peter” was never called by that name either. “Simon” and “Cephas” are anglicized contrivances for the Aramaic names, “Kepa” and “Shimon”. (John 1:40-42) Kepa Shimon bar Yonah is one whose birth name has been seriously corrupted for political reasons to validate such Greek terms and titles as papa, padre, pater, pope, and father, and petra. All this though the man they called Peter never travelled onto western soil beyond Asia Minor and was never a western Roman Catholic pope. In fact, Shimon Kepa served rather principally as a bishop at Jerusalem, Israel and at Antioch Syria as the priimary course of his ministry. In like manner did the english King James in establishing his protestant Anglican Church of England choose in his canon to rename the Apostle Yaakovie. Jacob, misnomering him to “kingly liking” with the name“James”. All this was done that likened to the Roman Catholic pope, King Jamesessentially by this renomering sought to declare in himself suppositional self-authority. Yet as much as the Word of YAH is true to its beginning, so must the believer true to the roots of the faith realize beyond whatever vain corruptions of men have defaced the light of glory. (Exodus 20:7) If we are to overcome this divisively deceptive confusion in madness, we must realize there was certainly a methodical scheme to deceive behind each undue altered contrivance. A world has not understood because it has forgotten that all the Lord gave to the prophets was given first to those experiencially oriented after the affairs, cause and purpose of Israel! (Isaiah 29:8-21) Since absolution is promised n the earth, the Lord knows that a precedent must be established. It is the grace of the Most High that beyond all presumptuousness that the nations of the earth must know as the truth of the gospel that He has chosen in Messiah to bring forth unto Himself newly redeemed sons of Israel to establish again a sure foundation of truth in the earth . As it is Divine Promise, according the ancient promise, the former dominion of Israel shall rise again! (Isaiah ch.60-62 .. Malachi 1:1-5 .. Deuteronomy 4:26-31 .. Micah 7 .. Isaiah 8:9-9:8, ch.49 .. Acts 1:1-6 .. Micah 5 .. Jeremiah 31:31-36 .. Ezekiel ch.37 .. Hosea ch.1 .. Joel 3 .. Amos 9:11-15 .. Zephaniah 3:13-<16-20 .. Zechariah 14:16-21 .. Malachi 4:4-6)


Concerning the true name of the Messiah, the initial appellation is a direct derivative of the more ancient title “Yehoshuah” which translators have later framed “Joshua“. Note Hebrews 4:8 as compared between the older King James translation, and then the New King James Version, also the World English Bible, the New American Standard Version, the New International Version, and the Aramaic translation known as the Holy Bible from the Ancient Eastern Text (ISBN 978-0060649234or0060649232), as a small example. Bible scholars know that translators have in recent times since offered many apologies for this now known to be conspicuously blatant misnomer against the initial intents and meaning of the of the apostolic letter. Indeed, the name “Jesus” is a Greek corruption, deviate against the initial meaning of the Hebrew name of the Savior of Israel. There is much to be discerned in that the ANOINTED SAVIOR of ISRAEL was called by the angel of the LORD by a name carrying the meaning of the ancient pre-incarnate title “IMMANUEL” meaningYAH IS WITH US coming from the Hebrew root word,YASHA essentially to relateYAH is OUR SALVATION, ie. “YAH is OUR SAVIOR”! NO LESS than the FULLNESS of ALL that is DIVINE DESIRE as a COMMON SOCIAL COALESCENT ORIENTATION can be the COMMON PEACE ie. the “god” of the HOLY PEOPLE! For wherever men have sought to SUB-DIVIDE the GREATER TRUTH of the MOST HIGH, it has been unto a FALLING AWAY from the GREATER FAITH, even CURSED DIVISIONS against the ONE COLLABORATE HOLY VISION that is the HARMONY of the SAINTS!

Mat 1:21 She shall bring forth a son, and you shall call His name JESUS: (Hebrew .. Ye’Oshua.. E’oshu) .. for He shall SAVE His people from their SINS. 1:22 Now all this was done, that it be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying, 1:23 Behold, an almah shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, YAH WITH US. (Isaiah 7:14-16 )

The hebrew root word “YASHA” means “SAVIOR“. Concerning the SAVIOR, it is written that HE will SAVE HIS PEOPLE from their SINS! It is SIN whenever the PEOPLE of FAITH are DIVIDED after any LESSER CONSCIENCE than the PURE DIRECTION of YAH HIMSELF by the GIFT of HIS SPIRIT! WHO then shall DISCERN that according to ISAIAH chapters 40-41-42-43 and ISAIAH chapters 57-58 and REVELATION chapter 18; the SINS of ISRAEL in DIASPORA that must be OVERCOME is the MANY DIVERSE ALLEGIANCES under the NATIONS of the GENTILES that PREVENT a HOLY PEOPLE from PRAYING PETITIONS unto the WILL of the ONE MOST HIGH as ONE HOLY PEOPLE! What else is the SINS of THIS WORLD and WORLDLINESS that must be OVERCOME, but the DIVERSITUDES that have DIVIDED the NATIONS against the PURE PERFECT WORD of YAH! (Mark 12:29-31, Mark 10:17-,26-27, Luke 18:26-27, Rev.2:26-3:6) (Isaiah 40:27-41:4>-<41:21-42:4>- <42:19-43:15, ch.56-<57-58>-62) (Romans 11:25-27) The hebrew-aramaic reads, “I am desirous my brethren, that you should not be blind to this mystery. For blindness has in part come upon Israel, till the times of the Gentiles is come to an end!” The salvation of Israel from the delusions of the nations will be the light to the world! (Revelation chapters 7 & 14, Isaiah chapters 48:1-<49:1-6>-52:15)
Heb 4:8 KJV For if Jesus had given them rest/ peace, then David who came after Joshua would not have spoken of another day/ age.
See Joshua 22:1-6, Psalms 95, 37:11, Ezekiel 20:10-<20-24, Numbers 13:16-14:40, Isaiah ch.11-14 as compared to Hebrews chapters 3-4.

Heb 4:8 WEB For if JOSHUA had given them the promised true and lasting rest/peace, we should not afterwards hear through DavidYAH speaking of another still future day ie. time..
Heb 4:8 NKJV For if JOSHUA had given them rest, David would not have spoken of another day/time of peace after that yet to come.
Heb 4:8 HBAET For if JOSHUA the son of NUN had given Israel rest, David would not afterward Joshua … have written of another day/ time.

Because of the great success Joshua as Moshe’s successor in his campaign to accomplish a land for the people of YAH, his fame continues to this very day. Yet few are aware of the history regarding Yehoshuah/ Joshua the son of Nunas it is recorded during the era of Alexander the Great. After having conquered the Persian empire and its satrapies, Alexander and then his successor Ptolemy who laid claim to Yehudea/ Judea and upper African territories of what had become Alexander’s empire, were constantly petitioned by the peoples of the lands to the south. These petitions attest to the fame of Yehoshua ben Nun and the strength of his NAME as it continued to persist even more than a thousand years after his death. Alexander and Ptolemy were constantly petitioned by the peoples surrounding to the south of Judea with requests that they might return home“. When asked what was meant by this request, the answer of the peoples was this,We are not of this land, we are Canaanites. We are the children of them who fled cast off from the land by Moshe and Yehoshua ben Nun.” For this reason among many, it became imperative as a method to their madness that western conquerors found it necessary to deny the name YEOSHUA as the appelation of the MESSIAH, and to change it something more palatable to western ideals. Indeed, there was no letter J in the Hebrew language. Western translators are known to often to place the letter “J” where what should have been translated a Y“, “I” or “E should have been. They often supplanted the ending letter Hby supplanting it with the letter S, or dropping it altogether. Note for instance the Hebrew name “ELIYAH”, which western framers have called “ELIJAH”, and in the later writings, “ELIAS”. (Malachi 4:4-6, Luke 1:17) Examining a good dictionary under the name “Jesus” you might be surprised at what you might find westerners used as the name of the Messiah until as late as the 17th century and beyond. You will find there the Greek name “Iesous”, and the Hebrew name “YESHUA”. The Romans later found it necessary so as to qwell the zeal of the converts, framed the name “Iesous” as a moniker to relate the Saviour according to ancient pagan lore wherein the heathen were predisposed to believe Him to be the son of Zeus and Isis, son of pagan gods after beliefs and traditions which the heathen thought themselves already to have known. Rome saw the prospective fame of another YEHOSHUAH, ie. another JEW by the name of YEOSHUA to be a serious threat to Roman national security, a servious threat to Roman Pax Romana imperialist ideals and agenda, as preserved by pagan traditions. Roman agenda was intent on hiding the Divine Promise of Peace according to the Truth of the Gospel as revealed unto the Hebrew fathers. (Romans chapter 15, Isaiah 11:1-<9-13>-15:4, Deuteronomy 32:43, Psalms 117, 18:43, 7:17, 66:4, ) In this wise has the truth of the Gospel and the promises of YAH unto ISRAEL been supplanted and obscured by the suppositions of a false gospel that has been unto cursed damnations of mankind ever since! (Galatians 1:1-6) The adding of lies upon lies to cover lies is not unto atonement in righteousness; but only unto further, deeper bondage under sin and under damning confusions. (Isaiah 29:8-<30:1-15>-32:8)

WOE unto them who FLATTER FOLLY that they would CONFUSE ie. WEAKEN the MINDS and RESOLVE of MANY! As it is written at Leviticus 19:12, “And ye shall NOT SWEAR by MY NAME FALSELY, neither shalt thou PROFANE/ POLLUTE/ WEAKEN/ DISRESPECT the NAME of thy God: I am the LORD.” And in another place at Exodus 20:7 we find, Thou shalt NOT take the NAME/ AUTHORITY/ TESTIMONY of the LORD thy YAH in VAIN’ for the LORD will NOT hold him GUILTLESS that taketh HIS NAME in VAIN.” Sedentary indiligent pride after any manner of immature polluted pattern of thought, device or work is counted as VANITY, INATTENTIVE NOTHINGNESS, USELESSNESS, UNACCEPTABLE and BLASPHEMOUSLY DISRESPECTFUL FOLLY, IRREVERENT PERVERSITY before YAH! This is TRUE even if the WHOLE NATIONS and even a WHOLE WORLD for AGES has believed the INSTABILITY of the MASS ILLUSION wrought for GLOBAL LACK of a SURE REVERENT REFERENCE POINT! The PURE WORD of the MOST HIGH is a SURE, a TRUSTWORTHY, PROPHETIC PROMISE STANDING FIRM FOREVER! (Isaiah 40:1-<15>-<40:27-41:4>-<41:24-42:4, 48:1-49:1-6, 19:1-5, 2Peter/Kepa 1:1-<10-11, 3:1-7>-<14-18, Malachi 2:17-3:9, 2:1-<7-10) (Romans 2:28-3:4) (Psalms 14 & 53) (Matthew/ Mattiah 5:14-<17-22) (Jeremiah 30:10-11) (Acts 3:18-23) Man has been MOST GROSSLY DISRESPECTFUL for in his PRESENT WORLDLY WEARIED, WEAKENED, INDISCRIMINATE STATE, not KNOWING after a FALLEN UNFOCUSED WORLDLY CONSCIENCE, WHAT to RESPECT nor KNOWING HOW to RESPECT and REVERE the SUBLIME in its EXCEEDING GLORY! These PRECIOUS WORDS are for but the MOST HUMBLE SOUL! Let it be considered that the Most High in declaring His Eternal Commands considers ALL things necessary unto the full manifestation of His Divine Vision. Incompletion yeilds what is useless vanity.To seek any less than the fullness of Divine requirement is robbery, dishonor against ALL THINGS and is fallen short of Divine device, grace, faith, beauty and glory. Anything LESS than reverence for the FULLness of ALL the MOST High has from the Beginning foreordained; is NOT unto the atONEment of the human soul that must be CONFIRMED as a SURE ALLY unto ALL that is Divine purpose and Vision.

As it is written, “He who letteth will let”, and in another place, “For a time YAH winked”. They unto whom YAH shows FAVOR unto the manifestation of HIS POWER are held accountable to GROW in the KNOWLEDGE of RIGHTEOUSNESS being compelled by GRATITUDE for what has been DIVINE KINDNESS REVEALED! Yet the time is come that ALL that which as an ETERNAL OATH …Y AH FROM BEGINNING hasFOREORDAINED EXPECTED of the human vessel, shall be before YAH FULLY REQUIRED! (Isaiah chapter 28, 19:1-<18-25, Acts 3:18-23) For in that day there shall be GREAT DISTRESS among the NATIONS. For MANY shall discover that for all that in which they had deemed themselves WISE, it shall be DISCOVERED it was INSUFFICIENT to be called a COVERING GARMENT before the GLORIOUS LIGHT of the LIVING ONE! (Luke 24:21-36 .. Isaiah 28:1-<10-23>-<29:8-16>-32:8) They who are WISE KNOW that for all their WISDOM, that they must PRAYERFULLY PETITION the MOST HIGH that they do not become PRIDEFUL so as to UNWITTINGLY be DISCOVERED as having been OBSTACLES against the REALIZATION of the FAR EXCEEDING GREATER RIGHTEOUSNESS REVEALED! For as the TRUE DOCTRINE of CHRIST CRUCIFIED anciently EXPOSED the RULERS in times gone by, so shall it be again! (Matthiah/ Matthew 7:13-28) MANY shall it be who discover that hardly had they KNOWN the WAY of MESSIAH WELL ENOUGH! A WISE WORD unto them who are WISE is SUFFICIENT that the HUMBLE shall begin to DISCERN what is NECESSARY beyond ALL DIVISIVELY DECEITFUL WORLDLINESS .. to become WISE! (1Corinthians 1:10-11, 3:1-4>-<14>-<18-4:5)

There is NO SALVATION from the DAMNABLE CURSES of WORLDLINESS after any manner of collective PARTIAL and/or POLLUTED DOCTRINE! For this REASON the APOSTLE PAUL WARNED! “I know nothing of which I am GUILTY/ ie. FALLEN SHORT or TAINTED in my UNDERSTANDING .. but I may NOT be RIGHT in THIS! For MY JUDGE is the LORD! Therefore while we have not come to the FULL KNOWLEDGE of ABSOLUTION among the “CHURCHES” … LET US NOT JUDGE OURSELVES WHOLE nor FULLY made WISE .. BEFORE the APPOINTED TIME when the LORD shall REVEAL HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS RESTORED; even ALL that unto which we in DARKNESS were yet BLIND! THEN shall EVERY MAN KNOW with CERTAINTY HOW to FULLY PRAISE and PETITION as WHOLLY TRUE unto YAH!” .. (1Corinthians 1:10-11, 3:1-4>-<14>-<18-4:5 … Isaiah 40:1-10>-<40:27-41:3>-<42:1-4>-<42:6-25>-43:15)

The time is come when all must realize the need to TRANSCEND ALLEGIANCE unto every manner of PARTIALITY and POLLUTION that DECEIVES MANKIND to give himself to swear TREACHEROUS OATHS that are NOT unto the FULL FRUITION of ALL that is DIVINE DESIRE according to ALL that YAH as CREATOR has POTENTIALED as the ONLY COLLECTIVE HOPE for HIS PEOPLE whose PURPOSE is to give GLORY unto HIS NAME ONLY! (Isaiah 26:12-13)
There are no multitude of “NATIONAL gods” viable after the CONSTRAINTS of each “NATION“.    The WHOLE EARTH shall be judged by the SAME PERFECT TRUTH of the ONE MOST HIGH! (Psalms 2, Revelation 19:11-21, Isaiah 34,

Much more to be said concerning these things! For we must understand that they who do not know the HOLY ONE of ISRAEL are yet “learned only by wrote” in that their HEARTS, UNDERSTANDING, FOUNDATION, ORIENTATIONS, CONVICTIONS and AGENDA are yet FAR from HIM! (Isaiah 29:8-16) ZEUS and ISIS being gods of polytheist machination and misimagining have NO POWER to SAVE, that is to say, “MAKE WHOLLY ONE” to HEAL the CONSCIENCE of MANKIND as PURE and PERFECT .. WITH the FATHER .. WITH YAH!

NAMES in the ANCIENT LANGUAGES among TRIBAL PEOPLES always related a POWERFUL PRINCIPLE! Men were called by NAMES that certain important aspects of what is necessary that they remain a PEOPLE by no means should depart from their mutual CONSCIENCE! Once man accepts to stand upon the FALSE PREMISE that MAN is somehow is rightly empowered to CHANGE ANYTHING, as it regards even the VOCABLE of that which the MOST HIGH has NAMED, CALLED, and PURPOSED; then WHAT ELSE do we leave ourselves VULNERABLE under AUTHORITY or SCHEMES of MEN to CHANGE, HIDE, PERVERT, DENY and/or LOOSE the ANCIENT MEANING and/or INITIAL INTENTS CONCERNING? (Matthews 5:14-<17-20, Zechariah 13:2-9, Zephaniah 3:9, Exodus 20:7) A WORLD made VICTIMS of DECEITS is compelled to pass down those DECEITS over MANY GENERATIONS that MANY were made unwitting VICTIMIZERS! In the GREAT DAY when ALL WORLDLY ILLUSIONS shall be put to OPEN SHAME, BLESSED are they who have PROVEN before the LORD that they have had a GREAT LOVE in PURSUIT unto OBEDIENCE to the TRUTH! (Isaiah 52:15-53:1) TRIBAL PEOPLES, CO-DEPENDENT PEOPLES have always been known to give NAMES to their CHILDREN to assure that a VERY PRECIOUS ATTRIBUTE NECESSARY for a STRONG PEOPLE NEVER be LOST!

Mat 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His name YEOSHUA: for He shall SAVE HIS PEOPLE from their SINS.
Rom 11:26 And so ALL ISRAEL shall be SAVED: as it is written, There shall come out of TZION the DELIVERER, and He shall turn away UNGODLINESS from His people YACOB:
Rom 11:27 For THIS is MY COVENANT unto them, when I shall TAKE AWAY their SINS.

CONSIDER! Present worldly social strata hardly understands how so very often when the translations read, “IN THE NAME OF JESUS” what is actually related is “IN THE NAME OF YEOSHU“, ie. “IN THE NAME OF THE SALVATION OF ISRAEL” .. ie. “IN THE NAME of ALL that is NECESSARY that the PEOPLE of YAH be made WITH YAH ONE WHOLE HOLY PEOPLE!” ie. “IN THE NAME OF DELIVERANCE from ALL SIN!” and for them who have the heart of love to receive it “IN THE NAME OF THE PROMISED DELIVERANCE OF ALL ISRAEL FROM EVERY MANNER OF DECEITFULLY ALLEGIANCE AMONG THE GENTILES” INDEED! The POWER, he PROMISE, the HOPE contained in the NAME YEOSHU is the HOPE of the JEWISH MESSIAH, the HOPE of the SHEMA, TRUE unto YAH in HIS PROMISE, HIS OATH, the ASPIRATION and DREAMS of a PEOPLE, that surely shall be TURNED ASIDE from the HEARTS of a made FAITHFULLY STEADFAST PEOPLE; even a WORLD, EVERY IMPERFECT ie. UNGODLY STANDARD that has denied the HOPE of an EVERLASTING PEACE! (Romans 11:25-12:4 Contained in THIS NAME is the HOPE of ALL that YAH has FORESWORN that HE MUST DO that at last HE shall make HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL, ONE! And this is the BLESSING, the GIFT of YAH that all mankind may at last learn indeed how to COOPERATE, TRUST and LOVE! Regretfully, what was the ANCIENT NAME/ TITLE “YEOSHUA” and what it signifies relative to the HOLY OATH, as an ANCIENT and ETERNAL SAVING PLEA for PEACE TRUE unto ALL that is the SOVEREIGNTY of YAH, … is all but entirely LOST from mind today! All this has been done by a MISNOMERING SCHEME that WESTERN IMPERIALISTS for AMBITIOUS REASONS have put into play! Undoubtedly, what the name “JESUS” means to the POLYTHEIST WESTERN MIND TODAY is entirely DIFFERENT from what the name “YEOSHUA” and/or “YEHOSHUA” meant to the FAITHFUL HEBREWS of OLD!

Averse to all this magnificent promise, what have GENTILE RULERS and NATIONS far from KNOWLEDGE of INITIAL MEANING declared and sought to OBSCURE? Is this the HOPE that GENTILE RULERS compelled ALL PEOPLES to adversely PRAY FOR? Regretfully what men have been taught to TRUST has NOT been PEACE, and as such therefore has NOT been the GOSPEL of the REIGN of the ONE MOST HIGH! Instead of TRUE SALVATION noting the PROMISE of ANCIENT ISRAEL’S REVIVAL as a REFERENCE, the NATIONS of the GENTLES have NOT sought as their ASPIRATIONS and DREAMS the END of CONFUSIONS; but rather the CONTINUAL of LIES .. CONTINUAL BLINDNESS in CONFUSIONS! Let us NOT FORGET this TRUE SAYING, whether one be JEW or GENTILE, WHOEVER CURSES ISRAEL, whoever CURSES the TRUTH necessary to RESTORE as ONE a PEOPLE who must OVERCOME a WORLD of LIES to speak NO GUILE .. is ACCURSED! WHOever will NOT PREACH, TEACH, SEEK, BELIEVE therefore ALL the PURE GOSPEL of PEACE, is DAMNED! .. having NO PART in HOLY COVENANT of SALVATION! To SWEAR by the NAME OF YEOSHUA is to SWEAR by the OATH and the PROMISE of HIS FATHER! NONE who takes the HOLY NAME LIGHTLY ie. in VAIN is found GUILTLESS before the YAH! (Zephaniah 3:1-5>-<13>-20, Isaiah 40:27-41:4, 46:8-13)

In that NO GENTILE NATION has EVER been WHOLLY TRUE to PURE PERFECT WILL of the ONE YAH FUNDAMENTALLY not ACTUALLY, it is certain that they ALL have been and are SIN! Consider that hardly have the NATIONS of the GENTILES thought to preserve the idea as to what was the VERY HOPE, THOUGHT and IMPLICATION reverberated in the NAME OF YEOSHUA! For “YEOSHUA even from DAYS of OLD is the SURE EXPECTATION, REMEMBRANCE and PROMISE of YAH for the DELIVERANCE of HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL and JUDAH OUT from EVERY CONFUSING DOUBLE-MINDED GENTILE MOCKERY against the SURE GOSPEL TRUTH! To this day a DASTARDLY POLYTHEIST AGENDA against REASON remains the invocation of ALL the GENTILE NATIONS! WITTINGLY or NOT concerning the nature of its SINS, in a WORLD that KNOWS NOT the WAY of TRUE ENDURING and EVERLASTING PEACE; has SELF-SERVINGLY after FOOLISHLY MISLEADING PRIDE, FOUGHT to PRESERVE an UNHOLY CHAOS!

WHAT TODAY THEN IS THE “SIN” OF ISRAEL that many who claim the NAME of ISRAEL have SWORN by the NAME of the ONLY MOST HIGH, but NOT in the PUREST TRUTH nor in RIGHTEOUSNESS? SHOCKINGLY ENOUGH, it is the GREAT SIN of having FORGOTTEN the ANCIENT PROMISES of YAH that ISRAEL was NEVER to FORGET! It is the GREAT SIN of having been BLINDLY ASSIMILATED after the MANY FAR FROM DIVINE FOUNDATION PERVERSITIES of the MANY QUITE LAWLESS GENTILE NATIONS! (Isaiah chapters 57-58) For WHOEVER is FAR from the FOUNDATION that is the LAW and the PROPHETS upon which must come the GREAT RESTORATION, is filled with only INEQUITOUS INIQUITY! (Mat.7:13-28, 5:14-21, Isaiah ch.28-32) (2Peter/Kepa chapters 1-3, Isa.19)



There is much more to discern concerniing WHO the EARLY CHURCH knew the MESSIAH to be and WHY the EARLY CHURCH spread so swiftly throughout the EAST. I have spoken concerning this often on my blog at

For them who are willing to receive it, consider that the thought form that yeilds to preserve true FAITH in the hope of the MESSIAH is NOT by any means rightly understood upon manner of framework wrought of POLYtheist WESTern thinking. Indeed, for them who will understand it, there is NOTHING “WESTERN about the concept of seeking “beyond all deception, faith unto discerning perfect absolution”. (James 1:1-<6-8) The schemes of western thought are the beguilements of a massive “divide and conquer” tactic. Not the thoughts of the ONE LORD! The real truth of the matter is that the very idea of “WESTERN CHRISTIANITY” is the GROSS ILLUSION, the cumulative DECEPTIONS of a GREAT DAMNING OXYMORON in that surely in its inception there is NOTHING “WESTERN” about the HOLY FAITH in the ONE LORD who is ONE! The BEGINNING is NOT EURO-CENTRICALLY DIVIDED! Therefore in fact, there is NOTHING CONCLUSIVELY MONOTHEIST about the beginnings of WESTERN THOUGHT! Consider Acts 11:26, 26:28, and 1Peter/Kepha 4:18 as resultant of Greek transliteration. Type in the word, “CHRISTIAN” in the blank at the url below.

Indeed the fundamentals of the ancient faith in the Messiah was in the ancient tongue called “KoReTSYANea” sometimes in its dialectical as a promise also nomered rendered as “KuRDiShYANea” in the ancient Hebrew-Aramaic tongue carries with it directly a distinctly decisive precise absolute MONOtheistic EASTERN ORIENTATION, EXPECTATION and CONNOTATION. For this reason the apostle KEPA whom western translators later called “PETER” wrote, …

2 Pet 1:19 We have also a more sure word /understanding of the prophecy; whereunto ye
do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shines in a dark place, until the DAY DAWN, and the DAYSTAR, the RISING SUN, ie. The RIGHTEOUS ONE who is likened to the SUN ARISING in the EAST enlightens your UNDERSTANDING beyond ALL DARKNESS:

Concerning the birth of JOHN/ YOHANAN the BAPTIZER, consider the allegory written concerning Him whom the birth of this figurative ELIYAH portended according to the prophet ISAIAH concerning him who was to be called “the voice crying in the wilderness” foretelling the coming of the KING. (Matthew/ Mattiah 3:1-3) When his father ZACHARIAH praised the MOST HIGH concerning his son YOHANAN, these through the HOLY SPIRIT were his thoughts on the matter, “Through the tender GRACES of our GOD; whereby the DAYSPRING from ON HIGH has visited us, To give LIGHT to them that sit in DARKNESS in the shadows of CONFUSION, to GUIDE OUR FEET into the TRUE WAY from ABOVE, the TRUE GOSPEL .. of PEACE. (Luke 1:68-78 .. Psalms 132:17-18) (Isaiah 40:1-11>-<40:27-41:4> -<42:1-4> -46:13… Matthiah/ Matthew 12:18, 11:13-14, 17:10-12 .. Mark 9:11-13) (Romans 10:15, Ephesians 6:10-20)

It is powerful to note that according to ISAIAH’S PROPHECIES, the “VOICE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS”, foretells the coming of one called the “RIGHTEOUS ONE, ie. the KING OF THE EAST! See Isaiah ch.40-41! Those prophecies continue on to ISAIAH 42:1-4 which is directly quoted again concerning YEOSHUA at Matthew 12:18! NOTE REVELATION 22:12-16 as compared to Isaiah 11:10-11 concerning the LORD who a SECOND TIME shall bring back ISRAEL from the midst of territories that were the ANCIENT MEDO-PERSIAN EMPIRE! Note that Messiah said at Revelation 22:16 as compared to Isaiah 11:1-4, “I am the offspring of David, the BRIGHT MORNING STAR!” Compare and discern Jeremiah 23:1-8 APOSTOLIC BIBLE POLYGLOT.

Jer 23:5 Behold, days come, says the Lord , and I will raise up of David a Righteous One like the Dawn, [ie. the Morning Star that casts aside all the darkness) .. and a king shall reign, and shall perceive justly, and shall execute equity and righteousness upon the earth.

There is a very potent reason why MESSIAH the ANOINTED ONE referred to himself in the latter chapter of the book of Revelation, as the “OFFSPRING and ROOT of the BELOVED KING DAVID and also as the BRIGHT MORNING STAR.” (Revelation 22:16) The time soon and is even now come when all must DISCERN rightly and of ONE MIND, the HIDDEN ADMONISHMENTS of the HOLY MESSAGE. Consider that the word translated “BRANCH” at Jeremiah 23:5 and at Zechariah 3:8 and at Zechariah 6:12 and Luke 1:78 and is sometimes in the biblical text also rendered to mean “SUNRISE” ie. the “EAST”. (See the DOUAY version) In the Hebrew-Aramaic Targums the scholars know the phrase, “He whose NAME is “EAST shall give rule / peace to the earth.” (Isaiah 40:1-11>-<40:27-41:4>-<42:1-4>-46:13… Matthiah/ Matthew 12:18 .. Revelation 16:12-21, 7:1-17 … NOTE! The Hebrew word “malak” can be interpreted as ANGEL and as KING!)

CONSIDER THIS TRANSLATION FROM THE ARAMAIC TARGUMS considering the fact that ZECHARIAH was a POST-EXILIC PROPHET after RETURN from the BABYLONIAN CAPTIVITY! See the “John Gill Expository on the Entire Bible ..
Zechariah 3:8 hear now, O Yehoshua the high priest, you and your fellows who stand before you; for you are marvelous men: behold, I will bring forth the RISING OF THE SUN/ the man whose NAME is EAST .. who is MY Servant. (See Isaiah 41:24-42:4)

Zechariah 6:12 and say to him, thus says the LORD of hosts: behold, the man whose NAME is DENKHA/ SUNRISE/ EAST shall rise up out of His place, and He shall build the TEMPLE of the LORD. (Isaiah 49-52, 44:20-46:13) CONSIDER! (Luke 1:69-78, Psalms 132:17-18)

Zec 6:12 DOUAY And thou shalt speak to him, saying: Thus saith the LORD of hosts, saying: BEHOLD A MAN, a BRANCH, THE ORIENT [EAST] IS HIS NAME: and under him [David-Jesse] shall He SPRING/ RISE UP, and shall build a TEMPLE to the LORD. (Isaiah 11:1-4-<10-11>-<13:9-13>-14:1-5 .. Matthew/ Mattiah 24:29-30)

They who will understand will note that during the NOAHIC FLOOD, it is apparent that the ARK floated from the territories of UPPER AFRICA at some point realizing an EASTWARD MOVEMENT ultimately to settle upon what are called the heights of the mountains of Ararat. In these mountains the KURDISH people arose from whence later arose the prophet Abraham. KURDS”, refers to the MEDES, the MEDO-PARTHIAN people of the RISING SUN! There is VERY GOOD EXPLANATION WHY there exists in AFRICAN ETHIOPIA and also around the ARARAT MOUNTAINS of nearer ASIA 2013-07-19 (Genesis 2:10-14) There is much to be said and to be understood about the ancient ties between the Hebrew peoples (them who are from the other side of the river). There is much to be said about the biblical prophetic promises relating to the ties between ISRAEL and the KURDS of KURDISTAN who are the descendants of the ancient MEDES, both of whom are the sons who first knew the NOAHIC PROMISE. It is interesting to not that geneticists comparing haplotypes of the “JEWand theKURD” have surmised that FAITHFUL ABRAHAM KURDS. (Genesis 25:1-3 .. Isaiah chapter 13 .. Jeremiah ch.51 .. Revelation 6:2, 7:1-4, 16:12-21, 19:11-21 .. Isaiah 40:1-<27-41:3>-42:1-4 .. Matthiah/ Matthew 12:18)

It is interesting to note that upon the MOUNTAINS of what is present day TURKEY, IRAN, IRAQ, ARMENIA arose the KURDS from whence arose what came to be known as the MEDO-PARTHIAN PEOPLES of what later became known in the rise of the MEDO-PERSIANSHAHSHANSHAHe“, ie. GREAT KING, KING OF KINGS whose EMPIRE after his name-title of renown became known anciently as KURDISTAN. It is all the more intersting to note that the title “DENKHA orKURTI was actually a title of renown given to them who were as KINGS appointed to the PROTECTION of the IDEALS and ORDER of the REALM. It is interesting to note that the ancient word for MEDE is MA-DA-HEE orMAHDI“. Relatively speaking, extending from the regions that were ancient KURDISTAN, even till today, such names as “DAVIDENKHO” and the Armenian name KaRDaSHIAN” come also to mind. Some among you may have heard of or mayhaps remember the old 1964-1968 running TV show, “MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E”. Remember Napoleon Solo’s Ukrainian/ Russian sidekick, “ILYA KURIAKIN” ie. “ELIYAH KURIAKIN? What about names like Petr KORDA ie. Peter/ Kepa KARDU? Consider this fact, despite Islamic influence in the EAST which at sword-point forced many in the EAST to relinquish their KURDISTANI names, and even identities; yet does a remnant remembrance remain of what was the ancient expectation, THE FAITH of the EAST extant long before rise of ROMAN CATHOLICISM and later the rise of ISLAM! (Jeremiah 51:11-28 .. Revelation 16:12-21 .. Isaiah chapters 44-46, 40-43)

It is of most interesting note that it had long for many centuries been the great expectation in the EAST concerning the coming of the KURTI, ie. the RIGHTEOUS ONE from the EAST that the PEOPLES may be GALVANIZED as ONE in PEACE! (Isaiah ch.40-41-43 .. 2Thessolonians 2:1-<7-11 .. Isaiah ch.11-14 .. Zephaniah 3:1-<4>-><13-20) Remember the WISE MEN that came from the EAST soon after the birth of the babe? Couple the fact that GREAT OPPRESSION from WESTERN POLYTHEIST FORCES against the people of the EAST had all the more incited the ANCIENT EXPECTATION! It was because the peoples of the EAST and believed YEOSHUA to be the KURTI, ie. the KING OF THE EAST that the EARLY CHURCH so rapidly GREW and thus flourished throughout the EAST despite MUCH PERSECUTION! Again. There is a REASON why the EARLY FAITH was called KoReTSYANea/ KuRDiSHYANea! The concept of all this being KURDI meaning SUNRISE, and SHAH meaning KING, therefore EAST KING“, KING OF THE EAST! The KING like the RISING of the SUN who casts down ALL the DARKNESS of this AGE! He is the PROMISED ONE who RESTORES and brings to REMEMBRANCE to LIGHT ALL the TRUE that this WORLD ENTIRE has sought to OBSCURE!(Revelation 16:12-21, 22:12-<16>-21)

There is MUCH to consider that unscrupulous leaders have refused to fully acknowledge. Consider that the ANCIENT FAITH of the EAST and subsequently the EARLY CHURCH was NOT called “CHRISTIANITY“. Such terms as CHRIST and CHRISTIANITY are GREEK corruptions in departure from the initial ARAMAIC PARTHIAN NAMES. It is interesting to note that the early ancient FAITH was called “KOReTSYANEA” and “KuRDiSHYANEA”, after “KURTI” the KURDISH TITLE of the SHAHSHANSHAHE, the KINGS OF KINGS over the TRIBES of the KURTI who settled in the EASTERN MOUNTAINS of ARARAT, the settling point of NOAH’S ARK. It is after this ANCIENT TITLE “KURTI” from whence the GREEKS rendered the title and word “CyRTII“ and “KyRTIANS” or “KuRTIANS” as related to the KURDISH PEOPLE .. and later “KYRIOS” or “LORD” and “KuRiaKe” for CHuRCH. (Isaiah 52:15-53:1) (Matthiah/ Matthew 4:4, 5:17-20, 28:18-20)

It is quite interesting to note that the ancient word for MEDE before later WESTERN TRANSLATORS wrote it otherwise, is found even today in STRONG’S CONCORDANCE, as the ancient eastern word, MADAI, pronounced mah-da-hee or mah-ah-dee in Arabic pronounced MAHDI. Consider ISAIAH 44:28-46:13 and JEREMIAH chapter 51 particularly verse 51:11 and verse 51:28. In the ARAMAIC TARGUMS, we find ISAIAH 19:4 .. ”And the EGYPTIANS will I give over into the hand of a VERY STRICT ie. RIGHTEOUS MEDE; and a STRONG KING shall rule over them, saith the LORD, the LORD of HOSTS!” The Persian KURDISH KING of the EAST ie. SUNRISE whose name English translators rendered as CyRuS whom the bible callsMESSIAH ie. the LORD’S ANOINTED SHEPHERD, this BOWMAN /ARCHER, who ONCE BEFORE … LIBERATED the JEWS from BABYLON, was called the KING OF THE MEDES, and KING of the EAST. (Isaiah 11:10-11) He wore the exalted title of SHAHSHANSHAHE, ”GREAT KING, KING OF KINGS”.

The POST-EXILIC PROPHET ZECHARIAH wrote at verses 3:8 and 6:12 in ARAMAIC,“The man whose name is DENKHA ie. SUNRISE, the EAST … (See the DOUAY and LAMSA versions. ANATOLE in GREEK means also the BRANCH, EAST, ORIENT, SUNRISE ie. DAYSPRING .. See Luke 1:78, 2Kepa/ 2Peter 1:20-21, Jeremiah 23:5, Isaiah 40:1-<27-41:3>-<42:1-4>-43:15, 44:28-<46:8-13, Revelation 6:1-7:17, 19:11-21, 22:12-16 …Isaiah 11:10-11 Note.SECOND TIME”). Note that at Isaiah 40:1-<27-41:8,, he who is the VOICE crying in the WILDERNESS and He, the RIGHTEOUS ONE FROM THE EAST who cries out for the SILENCING of the CONFUSIONS of the NATIONS, both intimate the SONS of ABRAHAM, even ISRAEL, adoringly as “MY PEOPLE!” (Isaiah 11:1-<10-13>-<13:17>-14:5 .. 2Thessolonians 2:1-<7-11) Consider also ISAIAH 13:1-<9-17>-14:5 in the context of MATTHIAH/ MATTHEW 24:27-31 and ISAIAH 24:1-<10-16>-26:13. HOW, WHY, and WHO changed the NAME of a PEOPLE, let alone the TITLE of the PROMISED ONE, the DELIVERER through whom BABYLON shall be DESTROYED at last FOREVER; that ISRAEL be DELIVERED unto ETERNAL REDEMPTION, get to be changed in the FIRST PLACE? There is MUCH to consider that ancient unscrupulous leaders have contrived, that present rulers have unwisely refused to fully consider!

Furthermore, consider that according to the Aramaic text, it was the apostle KEPA whom the ROMAN CHURCH called “PETER” who spoke at 2KEPA/ PETER chapter 3 concerning what HE called a SURE WORD of PROPHECY! The verbage he spoke of comes directly from ISAIAH 19:1-5 wherein the Aramaic text gives direct reference to the “MEDES” into whose hand the “EGYPTIANS” shall be DELIVERED/ SAVED. Note that ISAIAH chapter 30 likens them who say they are BELIEVERS but NOT hearing HIS COUNSEL to FALSE SONS, trusting in the CONFUSIONS of EGYPT! Consider that ISAIAH 19:18-25 speaks of a coming SAVIOR who appears out of a CITY OF DESTRUCTION; very much likened to ideas related at LUKE 17:26-<17:37>-18:9 .. Isaiah chapter 34! The apostle KEPA was the one who in effect said to the Messiah, “YOU are the KURTI, the SON of the LIVING YAH!” Messiah’s response? “Upon this ROCK (founding premise), I will build My CHURCH!” (Matthew 16:16-18) For the “KURTI” was expected among peoples of the EAST as RESTORER of the EXCEEDING RIGHTEOUSNESS of YAH! WHO but a SON inherits the NAME/ TITLE/ AUTHORITY of HIS FATHER? (Isaiah 45:1-6, 45:22-46:15, 49:1-6 .. Phillipians 2:9-11 LAMSA-HBAET)

MAN PRESUPPOSING that what HE has been PRESUPPOSED to BELIEVE after WORLDLY SOCIAL ORIENTATIONS is WISE, JUST AND TRUE, has NOT BEGUN to CONSIDER the MASS of PLURALIST SCHEMES of MEN intent to BLIND HIM. SNARES have been created before WE were BORN intent to BLINDLY CONTROL the ALLEGIANCES of MEN! There are no multitude of “NATIONAL gods” viable after the CONSTRAINTS of each “NATION“. The WHOLE EARTH shall be judged by the SAME PERFECT TRUTH of the ONE MOST HIGH! (Psalms 2, Revelation 19:11-21, Isaiah 34)


NOW!   As to this GRECO-ROMAN, yes I said POLYTHEIST GRECO-ROMAN concept of a “SAVIOR ie. SOTER” is “KHRISTOS!    It is imperative that all should understand that the POLYTHEIST WESTERN concept of a SAVIOR was entirely DIFFERENT from what the MONOTHEIST EAST knew to be WISDOM beyond ALL WORLDLY CONFUSION!        EASTERN MIND knew that ALL PEOPLE must LEARN unto HOLINESS how NOT to LIE; indeed to KNOW the TRUTH of the MOST HIGH beyond ALL OPPOSING WORLDLY CONTENTIONS!    Therefore the EASTERN MONOTHEIST concept of a SAVIOR was ONE ANOINTED of the HOLY SPIRIT to TEACH ALL MANKIND how NOT TO MISREPRESENT, nor STIFLE, nor in any way CURSEDLY POLLUTE the HOLY NAME after the MANy DIVERSLY SHORT-SIGHTED IMAGININGS and MACHINATIONS of MEN!       

WESTERN POLYTHEIST MIND thought OTHERWISE!    In that the gods of the POLYTHEIST HEATHEN were constantly at WARFARE one against another, POLYTHEIST MIND thought a SAVIOR as one ANOINTED after ALL the DIVERSE SPIRITS of ALL the MANY DIVERSE gods of a CONTENTIOUSLY INDISCRIMINATE WESTERN GRECO-ROMAN PANTHEON; thus to PERSONIFY ALL the MANY UNHOLY ie. IMPURE and IMPERFECT DIFFERENCES seeming wise to MAN!    After early heathen tradition, later MANICHEISTS, called their concept of a savior a KHRISTOS ie. a CHRIST!

CONSIDER THEREFORE WHAT THE TITLE, “IESOUS ie. HESUS KHRISTOS” must have meant to the already PREDISPOSED and PRECONDITIONED HEATHEN of ROME!    The STAGNATION wrought of such errant appelative predispositions have been the BLINDING of HUMAN CONSCIENCE for MANY GENERATIONS!

TIME TO WAKE UP!    ZECHARIAH 13:2-9     HOSEA 2:17     ISAIAH 52:1-7

Zec 13:2 And it shall come to pass in that day, saith the LORD of hosts, that I will CUT OFF the NAMES OF THE IDOLS out of the land.  They shall no more be remembered: and also I will cause the false prophets and the unclean spirit to pass out of the land.

Hosea 2:17 For I will take away the NAMES OF BAALIM (FALSE gods)  out of her mouth, and THEY  (MY PEOPLE) shall NO MORE BE REMEMBERED BY THEIR NAME. (The titles/ NAMES/ of the gods of the HEATHEN)

Isa 52:6 Therefore my people shall know MY NAME: therefore they shall know in that day that I am He that doth speak: behold, it is I.





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  1. Shalom…Had a friend ask for info…I directed her & hubby here to your site…..Charlotte is her name . prayers more will come & YAH shine upon their hearts. TY Bro for all you do..

    • Shalom! Thanks for spreading the good news! Thank YAH for granting to make us able! Prayers sent On High every ear that YAH will bring near! Added a few bits of info to this article for clarity today at the Spirit’s behest. Awesome revelations are pouring down and soon to be for all to see! May unto YAH be the GLORY! Hallelu’YAH!

  2. Shalom Ed Ymiah! I read those 3 passages on this page. I have asked Yah that he reveal to me what is missing or what I should see and hear concerning his “Anointed” also that if I am to speak at all, that I would focus on what He has already spoken. The kings of this world and the powers that be are not prepared for the wrath to come. The “false prophets” in the world today are guilty of worshiping the image of a false savior and the blaspheming of the sacred name of the Father continues. Yah alone is the Savior. I did do the dictionary search and read the history of the translation title we know as “Jesus” and very interesting! I did not know that about Jesu/Yeshu. I’m thankful that the Father allows me to discover and learn new things from history and the scriptures. Shalom and Todah for your ministry.

  3. Quel nom devons nous invoqué, Jésus, Yeshua, ou YEOSHUA
    car nous sommes dans un temps remplis de confusion spirituelle.

    Merci de m’aider parcque moi personnellement j”invoque Yehoshua et Jésus quand je suis dans l’assemblée car tous disent la même langue.

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