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Hab 2:2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tablets, that he who reads it may discern it swiftly. Hab 2:3 For the vision is yet for a time in which it is surely appointed. At the end of its delaying, it shall declare what is the truth, and not lie. though it seems to tarry, wait for it; because the vision will surely come to pass.   In its time it will not tarry, but shall come suddenly at an instant. (Isaiah 48:3, 47:1-11, Revelation 18:1-10, 10:1-7, Amos 3:3-8, Hosea 11:6-12, Isaiah 24:1-<10-12>-<25:1-3>-<26:12-13, 19:18-25, Luke 17:26-18:9)

Yacob/ James 1:5 If any of you lack the wisdom
of exceeding discretion, let him ask of YAH*, who 
gives to all men freely who mock Him not, and 
discernment shall be given him.  (Psalms 68:4)
Yacob/James 1:6
Therefore let us ask for FAITH,
seeking true to our calling to know fully HOW to 
discern, restore, keep and preserve all that is
the initial integrity and meaning of the Holy
in all its Divine purpose and implications
beyond every manner of wavering of misleading
misconception unto rampant doubt. For if we
waver, to fall from Faith, we are then like the
waves of the sea vulnerably driven and tossed
by every ill-wind of partial doctrine.
Yacob/ James 1:7 Therefore let not the double-
man who is contentedly proud in what he
has merely presumed,
think he shall receive any
favor/ grace/gift from the LORD of TRUTH.
Yacob/ James 1:8 For a double-minded people,
like a double-minded man are/ is unstable
in all
their/ his ways.

NOTHING which is FOUNDED upon an UNSTABLE FOUNDATION can be STABLE unto the PERPETUITY of ETERNAL STRENGTH.    IF there is NO PLACE CLEAN on EARTH where the INITIAL TRUTH is COLLECTIVELY KNOWN and PRESERVED, DISCERNED, UNTAINTED and EXALTED ABOVE EVERY LIE, then there indeed is NO PLACE on EARTH where beyond every form of BONDAGE that men are TRULY FREE!    Let NOW come that GREAT DAY of PROMISE wherein the FOUNDATION of TRUTH shall again be RESTORED unto the MINDS of them who will BELIEVE! 

BABYLON in all its CONFUSION is by DIVINE PROMISE FORESWORN that for sake of the LIBERTY found in the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH,  .. SHALL FALL! WHO is there that is WISE among US NOW who shall be WATCHFULLY DILIGENT in the CALL of the MOST HIGH to find PARTAKERSHIP in that which of OLD is FORETOLD shall be RESTORED, even thereafter unto ALL AGES to ENDURE?  (Isaiah 59:1-<19-21>-62:12, 8:9-<16-20>-9:8)

Beloved brethren, allow me a moment of preface before delving further into the hidden mysteries that reveal the true exegesis of the scripture which shall be the focal point of this article.    Much has been lost in the translation of the scriptures which only in the renewing power of the Holy Spirit, the covenant of renewing, is restored.  A true prophet imbued of the power of the Holy Spirit realizes the great importance of what is meant by the scripture which reads, “Man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of YAH!” (Matthiah/ Matthiah 4:4) (Psalms 68:4) In that he is under direct Divine obligation, he will faithfully seek to teach you all things; even speaking to restore to make common in every mind those things secreted which others have not dare to collectively and congruously mention. (Ezekiel 33:1-11>-20) There are many truths, precepts and even initial names which are contained in the earliest scrolls, which due to emphasis upon western imperialist agenda, men have presumed authority to vocably change.     When the initial words and names are changed, very often with the intial word being lost, men are left to waver for not discerning the foundations upon which the initial writings were recorded.   There was method in this madness deeper than most have thought to imagine.   Words altered to cater to the designs of the powerful have worked to hide many blasphemies bent to exalt the precepts of men above the holy precepts of the Most High! Men thereby taking the authority of scripture to mere “conjecture; has been not unto the solvency of common FAITH, but rather the reigning of DOUBT and disconcertion in men’s hearts.


The ancient Hebrew patriarch YACOB whose name was later by an angel of the Lord changed to ISRAEL is famed for the testimony which remains concerning his nightlong epic struggle with a visiting angel that he would not let him go till indeed his soul was blessed. (Genesis 32:24-32) The blessing of which first we speak was in the context of being granted great discretion in the Most High that indeed he might be made a vessel for the preservation of the Promise given his father ABRAHAM that his seed may multiply upon the earth with the wisdom necessary to become known unto the faithful as a “father unto all peoples! It is therefore no surprise that as a later namesake, the brother of Our Lord shared a devout drive pursuant FAITH in the ONE LORD made PERFECT! There is NO ERROR in YAH! Therefore only in a ONENESS beyond every contradiction and every form of indiscretion and doubt shall it be said that one’s faith is unto deliverance beyond servitude to DECEIT. Only when all have heard to receive and obey the TRUTH of all that is the precepts upon precepts that is the GOSPEL are we WHOLLY proven STABLE and therefore in exceeding every DIVERSITY of MISbelief able surely to STAND before the ANOINTED ONE who is called forth in the authority of the LORD of HOSTS! (Isaiah 48:22-49:6>-22 .. 19:18-25 .. Acts 3:18-23 .. Luke 17:26-18:9 .. Malachi 2:17-3:9 .. Revelation 6:12-7:17, 16:12-21 .. Isaiah 40:27-42:4 .. Matthiah 12:18)


It becomes much easier to discern the hypocrisy, the misrepresentative spell of illusions of it all when one understands that Roman imperialism was dependent upon the preservation of all that pagan Roman mythos had propagandized as the social coalescence of its people.    For whatever Rome therefore would sanction as a “church” per se, could by no means be founded upon the same sense of faith in eventuality “as it was spoken by YAH at the mouth of HIS holy prophets since the world began.”    And yet knowing that all shall be judged according to whether or not their consumate Promise of Gaith makes them one with all they who were Abraham’s children, this holy expectation is preparation for the righteousness of YAH revealed in that great day to come of Messiah’s return appearance. (Acts 3:18-23)


Considering that the apostle Yacob was a namesake of the ancient Hebrew patriarch known for his diligence to receive the blessing of Our Lord, it is no wonder that he has implicatively intimated in the record of the scripture his pursuit of FAITH in this wise.    “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask directly of YAH for exceeding discretion transcendant all doubt, none mocking.   Let not him who is content in the uncertainty of presumptuousness think he will receive any favor from YAH. For the double-minded man is counted unstable, inviable, vain, divisive, a destroyer against UNITY in the ONE HOLY and CONSUMATE FAITH, .. in all the error of his thoughts and ways.” (Yacob/ James 1:1-<6-8) It is the errant conclusions wrought of remaining among the “believers” so much “partiality in the LAW”, ie so much “lack of knowledge“, that schisms occur wherein many who have not the greatest love of the truth are carried away by personal pride while severely lacking insight. They who “believe” must also understand that a LAW is not viable lest fully the intimated  wisdom of its author is honorably revered. (Hosea 4:1-<4-6>-8 .. Malachi 2:1-<7-10)

At the behest of the English King James’, his translators sought for the king and his new Anglican church the autonomy in the English kingdom the authority that had previously been claimant unto  the office of the Roman papacy.    They took considerable license in renaming the brother of Our Lord whose actualy name was Yacob“, and in his “bible” gave the apostle a title different from that which his fellow apostles and the Messiah Himself are known to have called him.    King James monikered the apostle in his text with a name after his own, the title of “James”. By doing this, he effectively also estranged the apostle from readily apparent  noteworthy association with that of his anciently famed progenitor after whom he was named.  This the author’s of the King James “Version” did to imply the concept of King James himself as a  type of saint“. Thereby King James effectively correlated himself as a partaker in the seeming rights that went with acceptance of the heretical document known as the “Divine Right of Kings” as substitution for the equal heresy that long been had been the devotional known as the “Roman Catechism”. (Daniel 7:21-<25-27 .. Revelation 13:4-<9-10>-18) This license the king gave himself much as did those who previously having same method to their madness also renamed Shimon Kepa, to call him “Peter”, as in “Petr”, “Padre”; “petra/ pebble” or “father” under the premise claiming authority of having an apostle as its first “patriarch” Papi“, “Papa“, or Pope“. Does the world  today honor the monarchies as they did of old?    Dare men believe it was by the power of the Most High that many diverse kings and supposed priests were appointed that in their partiality they should stand against the fullness that must be restored by the power of Messiah revealed in His time?    Indeed, in His day, all who were partial in the LAW, their humiliation in shame shall be seen before all the people! (Malachi 2:1-<7-10) (Isaiah 5:20-26)

Yet the facts are that the apostle whom the western world has framed “Peter” never once set foot on western soil, but was a bishop to the churches which were at Jerusalem and at Antioch in Syria to the east of what today is called the Mediterranean Sea. The first church was not Roman. The facts simply stated are that the  first “church” of the FAITH of Our Lord was in no wise formed after western influence and in no wise was it obliged after any form of Roman admininstration. He, Shimon Kepa who met his fate being “transverse” or “upside-down” crucified shared martyrdom with another apostle, Paul, who for the persistence of his FAITH was “beheaded”; both these apostles at Roman decree condemned as “enemies of state” (Yohanan/ John 21:17-19) Simply consider this.    Neither Rome nor its Roman “Church” made any manner of a decree to crucify its “first pope”. The Roman Catholic Church was not even an established entity till long after the murderous martyrdom or death of every one of the first chosen apostles and they who were called the first believers in the restored faith of Our Lord. The Roman Church was established after many years of Roman persecution against the Early Church resulting in the Rome sending its armies to ultimately halt the fervor of faith that emanated from the focal point of the Jewish Temple at Jerusalem. (Mark 13:14-18>-<13:19-20>-<21-22-23>-<13:24>-27 .. Isaiah 24:1-<10-12>-<24:23>-26:13 .. Yoel/ Joel 2:31-2:32-ch.3 .. Isaiah ch.13-14) Keep in mind that many of those very apostles of which we speak were murdered at Roman hands. (Revelation 18:22-24)

Likewise that over time the essence of truth contained in the scripture has been again disguised by the renaming of the apostle Yehudah, to the name “Jude” which to most today in the U.S. particularly has no connection in their minds to the idea that this apostle was indeed a “Jew“.    Yet as recently as the earlier decades of the last century, the Diaspora being persecuted among the Gentiles, were called by the western moniker, “Jude“. 

Many schemes have been imposed to hold mankind in bondage to illusions wherein most are constrained after the indecisiveness of language forms due to variant cultural orientations have not sufficient power to convey the initial ideals and intents as were understood by the early authors. Before there were words, there was thought.   Words are carnal devices spoken, heard, or written, .. used to convey an initial thought. It is extremely difficult after indiscriminate nature of western polytheist language, to relate the visionary exactitudes conceived after eastern monotheist mind.   Quite frankly, there are many concepts extant in monotheist culture wherein there is are no  individual words or “light phrases” capable to relate initial intents and impications .. to the indiscriminate western thinker.  


Since the Fall, the fleshly conscience of mankind has grown increasingly indiscriminate.    According to the multitudes of men have men trusting men fallen further from FAITH to become all the more entrenched in LIES against the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the MOST HIGH!    The conscience of men has been like unto the grass that withers and the flower that fades.    Nevertheless, it shall soon be known there are NO CONTRADICTIONS in the LORD!    The RIGHTEOUS STANDARD, the LAW of the HOLY ONE of ISRAEL from BEGINNING to EVERLASTING ENDURES FOREVER!

Since the FALL, mankind created for himself many religions, many denominations, all of which have been ROBBERY against both the LORD and MAN in that NONE of these man-imagined hegemonial devices as governing constructs had power to FULLY RESTORE the heart of mankind unto the initial and eternal requirements of the ONE LORD MOST HIGH unto the DIVINE VISION of PEACE!    The GOSPEL of OUR LORD is the WORD of FULL DISCRETION revealed by HIS SPIRIT unto EXCEEDING EVERY SIN that is ALLEGIANCE to the MISADMINISTRATIONS of MEN!    The time is come to rediscover the TRUTH.     WHATEVER and ALL that was written of the MOST HIGH of OLD at the VOICE of the HOLY PROPHETS was ALWAYS for OUR LEARNING and REMEMBRANCE, as  PRESERVATION of the FAITHFUL EXPECTATION as the SALVATION of MANY GENERATIONS!  The MESSIAH comes to CONFIRM the PROMISES of YAH as GRACED to the HOLY PATRIARCHS as ADMONISHMENT and BLESSING concerning the THINGS to COME!!    In loosing foresight as to the PLANS of the MOST HIGH as revealed by the PROPHETIC GOSPEL, indeed mankind has FALLEN from FAITH in YAH, unto the BLINDNESS of DIVERSE CONFUSION, the UNgodliness of BONDAGE under FALSE VISION, FALSE EXPECTATIONS, ROBBED from the HOPE of SALVATION! (2Thessolonians 2:1-<7-10 .. Isaiah 11:1-9>-<10-16>-14:5, 19:18-25) Indeed, to have been BLINDED of the HOPE of WORLD SALVATION that is to be wrought in ISRAEL’S RESTORATION unto DOMINION as of OLD, is to be BETRAYED the HOLY PROMISE for having FALLEN from FAITH in the PROPHETIC EVENTUALITY as revealed by the HOLY SCRIPTURES!


Consider EZEKIEL chapters 37-38.    Consider 2Timothy 2:10-<15-21. The casting down of ALL FALSE IMAGINATIONS is the SALVATION of MANKIND! (Isaiah 24:1-<26:12-13) MESSIAH forewarned, “Till ALL DECEIVING FALSE AUTHORITY presiding “ON HIGH” OVER this EARTH is NO MORE as is TRUE to the PROPHETIC PROMISE, let NO MAN after the UNRIGHTEOUSNESS of the WICKED RULERS of THIS WORLD DECEIVE YOU to even begin to THINK that the SON of the LIVING LORD was sent to in any wise abolish what unto the FAITHFUL and RIGHTEOUS PATRIARCHS of ISRAEL are the RIGHTEOUS PROMISES of HIS FATHER!” (Isaiah 51:4-8, 24:21) What the LEADERS have shamedly taught in SINFUL PARTIALITIES, MESSIAH comes to PREACH FULLY that ALL THINGS of the TRUE FAITH may be RESTORED unto the MIND and HEARTS of MEN! (Matthiah/ Matthew 5:14-22 .. Malachi 3:18-4:6) If the PROMISES to the PATRIARCHAL FATHERS is NO MORE, so also is their INHERITANCE to the CHILDREN!   The MOST HIGH is NOT a MAN that HE should LIE!  


MESSIAH FOREWARNED, IF any man allow himself to be DECEIVED to believe that any PRECEPTS of the LAWFUL REQUIREMENTS of DIVINE LAW, or any EVENTUALITY as FOREORDAINED of the PROPHETS is NOT to be counted as an EXPECTATION, that man shall in NO CASE ENTER unto the KINGDOM of YAH! (Matthiah/ Matthew 5:17-20) In that the PARTIALITIES and PERVERSITIES that are the present MULTITUDE of DENOMINATIONS and seeming RELIGIONS yet exist in their DIVERSITIES in the EARTH, it is certain that DECEIVED unto MANY DAMNATIONS is this WORLD ENTIRE! (Revelation 12:9) For where is the MAN, where is the CONGREGATION, where are the PEOPLE who have DISCERNED to OBEY FULLY the LAW of OUR LORD and who also has held to FAITH seeking the FULLNESS of ALL that is related as the DIVINE VISION for THIS WORLD?     Indeed, there are many TRUTHS, many PROPHETIC EVENTUALITIES which because men would NOT DILIGENTLY SEEK for the FULLNESS of DIVINE UNDERSTANDING unto the RESTORATION of ISRAEL as of OLD, they were never counted CONVERTED that they be counted FAITHFUL among “THE PEOPLE”! (Jeremiah 30:1-<31:31-36 … Malachi 3:18-4:6 .. Acts 3:18-23) It is written that if the blind lead the blind, they both fall into the pit! (Matthiah 15:6-9>-14) With pains in my heart for the generations of mankind, I cannot comfort them who prefer illusions nor compromise.    In light of the warning at Matthiah/ Matthew 5:14-22, since a multitude of divergent standards is the result of partiality and perversion against the fullness of what is defined as the righteousness of the FAITH in the LAW and the PROPHETS; it is certain that for many generations this world has dwelt under the CURSES of MANY DAMNATIONS!    For as long as have remained strife and divisions among men, it has been the CURSES of WORLDLINESS! (1Corinthians 3:1-<18-4:5)     BLESSED are they who do NOT PRESUME before the TIME!   These are they who are WISE to WAIT for the LORD to be ASSURED as to ALL that is the RESTORATION and RESTITUTION of ALL THINGS according to ALL that was spoken by the MOUTH of the HOLY PROPHETS since the WORLD BEGAN! (Acts 3:18-23) Because many have never with the utmost zeal sought to have known FULLY what is the RIGHTEOUS REQUIREMENT of the LAW unto OBEDIENCE in EXPECTATION of ALL that is the PROPHETIC VISION as an EVENTUATED FOREORDAINED REALITY, they NEVER attained that they be counted among “THE PEOPLE!”    For the ENTIRE PURPOSE of the RECORDING and PRESERVATION of the HOLY COVENANT, is unto the RESTORATION of ISRAEL as a HOLY PEOPLE as of OLD to give LIGHT to this WORLD ENTIRE!   They whose LOVE is for the HOLY ONE will UNDERSTAND!

BE DECEIVED NO MORE! WHOEVER declares that the PROPHETIC  EVENTUALITIES are fulfilled which are yet to come, he is a DECEIVER whose words  like a CANCER work to DESTROY the FAITH of MANY! WHOEVER it is  who has denied the masses the TRUE KNOWLEDGE in RIGHT UNDERSTANDING of the PROPHETIC PROMISES, has also for holding the CONSCIENCE of MANKIND under the SINFUL FRAILTIES of FALSE VISION and FALSE EXPECTATION, has alway WARPED the THOUGHTS of MEN to also BLIND MANKIND of TRUE KNOWLEDGE as to what by DIVINE GIFT is the TRUE FAITH of OUR LORD! (Romans chapters 10-15)

Because the RULERS of the NATIONS have NOT TAUGHT FULLY the PROPHETIC EVENTUALITIES recorded in the HOLY WORDS of the PROPHETS concerning the KINGDOM of ISRAEL RESTORED as of OLD at the HANDS of MESSIAH HIMSELF, the FAITH of MEN has been PERVERTED after the FAILING MISimaginings of MEN!    Indeed!    It is because of being left BLIND to the TRUTH of the GOSPEL that a WHOLE WORLD has been DECEIVED to have REMAINED in BONDAGE to MASS CONFUSION in departure from the SAVING FAITH of OUR LORD!    It was the KNOWLEDGE of the PROPHETIC PROMISES of YAH that called forth the EARLY CHURCH, even causing by the KNOWLEDGE of a TRUE FAITH the CONVERSION of the NATIONS!   Without the HOPE of these PRECIOUS PROMISES, what men have called “CHURCHES” have been only a DAMNING FARCE!    A PROPHET is called to SPEAK what OTHERS WOULD NOT!


MESSIAH comes to TEACH AGAIN FULLY ALL THINGS which a WORLD ENTIRE has REFUSED to WHOLLY ACKNOWLEDGE in RIGHTEOUSNESS, ORDER and in TRUTH!   WHO will BELIEVE to PREPARE themselves WISELY for the FULLNESS of the LAWFUL ORDER of OLD that is the EVERLASTING FOUNDATION that STEADFASTLY AFFIRMS to FULLY MANIFEST the ETERNAL RIGHTEOUSNES of the PROMISES of a HOLY KINGDOM yet to come?   HERE is the CONDAMNATIONS of THIS WORLD!    MEN have LOVED DARKNESS MORE than LIGHT!  NO MAN is SAVED by BELIEF in LIES!    MESSIAH did NOT give HIS LIFE that man may be OBLIGED to DISAGREE with the LORD.    MESSIAH did NOT COME that continual mouthings of DECEIT, IGNORANCE and UNBELIEF of ANY FALLEN STANDARD could be counted RIGHTEOUS SERVICE unto the HOLY NAME of SALVATION! (Exodus 20:7) MESSIAH came that by the GIFT of HIS SPIRIT unto them having EXCEEDING FAITH beyond the BLINDNESS of WORLDLY MISORIENTATION, may be SAVED unto ONE MIND and ONE HEART, as ONE HOLY PEOPLE in the LORD! HEAR O ISRAEL!    THE LORD OUR LORD is ONE! Whether men are prepared to BELIEVE and OBEY THIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, the FULLNESS of THIS HOLY EVENTUALITY, shall determine either the DAMNATION or SALVATION of EVERY LIVING SOUL!  (Acts 3:18-23 .. Isaiah 42:1-<18-23 .. Matthiah/ Matthew 12:18 .. Isaiah 29:7-30:8>-32:8) (Zephaniah 3:13)


BE WISE and BE BLESSED! The RIGHTEOUSNESS of OUR LORD ENDURES FOREVER! BLESSED are they who know to WAIT for the LORD that they may RENEW in the STRENGTH of CCOMMON ONSUMATE and TRUE MORAL CONSCIENCE and DISCRETION as ONE HOLY PEOPLE in the MOST HIGH HOLY ONE of ISRAEL! (Jeremiah 30:1-31:31-36) (Isaiah 40:1-<40:27-41:3>-42:4)


Much, much more concerning all these things are yet to be revealed, ….

Stay tuned, 

My name is Ed Ymiah

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