(A sneak preview of precursory notes, precious revelations, ideas that could wait no longer to be published.   Please pardon the crudeness of a very special work yet in progress.)

It has now been a long time, even many ages that what is present diversely resistant WORLDLINESS has NOT yielded to fully know to receive the BLESSED PROMISE of OUR LORD.     It has NOT come unto the HARMONY and PEACE that is resultant of CONSUMATE COMMON INITIAL UNDERSTANDING.   The time is NOW that the VISION of OUR LORD must be perceived CLEARLY before men, that whoever READS it may DISCERN it SWIFTLY.   For though the VISION seem to TARRY, yet shall ALL THINGS FORETOLD of the MOST HIGH SURELY be brought unto FULL PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION in ALL the EARTH unto PEACE, HARMONY, and LIFE! (Habakkuk 2:1-4) (Yeremyahu/ Jeremiah 23:16-23, 23:1-8) (Isaiah 29:8-16)   Despite so much diverse miscomprehension and indistinct pluralisms fostering DOUBT, the time is NOW that for the RESTORATION of a SURE FAITH!   The LAW of OUR LORD must be MAGNIFIED in its meaning, line upon line and precept upon precept, in UNDERSTANDING that may prove HONORABLE before the LORD!  (Isaiah 28:1-<7-23)

Hab 2:2  And the LORD answered me, and said, RECORD the VISION.   Make the VISION PLAIN upon TABLETS, that one who READS to re-see it may DISCERN it SWIFTLY.  (Isaiah 29:8-16)

This article will explore Messiah’s testimony at the fifth chapter of the apostolic writer whose name in western texts due to Greek corruption has been recorded as Matthew or Matteus is actually a derivative of the the ancient Hebrew names, MattatYAHu, MattanYAH.    From these more ancient Hebrew titles came the later shortened forms such as Matit’YAH, Matthiah, or Mattiah.   This article is a product of diligent striving in faithfulness  unto the gifts of the the Spirit of the Holy One to “expand and restore the long unseen deeper mysteries and inner meaning of this LAW unto a manner reclaimed and fully approved as honorable before the Glorious Conscience of the One Lord, the Most High, the Holy One of ISRAEL“. (Isaiah 30:1-8>-15>-32:8)

In this wise MESSIAH of ISRAEL admonished a Samaritan woman whose
orientation was from among the many inconsistencies of the Gentiles, …

John 4:22 Ye worship ye KNOW NOT what: (Your worship is CONFUSION)
.. WE KNOW who WE worship: For the GOSPEL of SALVATION is of the
JEWS. (Zechariah 8:23)

Years before formally sending forth of HIS chosen DISCIPLES with the
FIRST admonished HIS PEOPLE concerning the RECONCILIATION of
   For sake of this BLESSED WORK to REVEAL and RESTORE ALL
that nearly 2000 years before HE had made with the ANCIENT
HIS PEOPLE, the children of ISRAEL, with this wise saying ……….
(Romans 1:16, 2:9-10, ch.15) (Isaiah 42:20-43:9, 40:27-42:4, 49:1-6)

Mat 5:13 YOU are the SALT of the EARTH: but if the
  SALT LOOSES its SAVOUR, with what shall SALTINESS
  be RESTORED?   It is thenceforth good for NOTHING,
but to be CAST OUT, and to be TRODDEN UNDER FOOT
of men. (Isaiah ch.40-43)
Mat 5:14 YOU are the LIGHT to the WORLD.   A CITY
that is set on an HILL canNOT be HID. (Micah 4:1-5,
Isaiah chapter 2,
and Isaiah ch.59-<60-62, 49:1-6, 8:20)
Mat 5:15 Neither do men LIGHT a LAMP, and put it under
a bushel, but on a LAMPSTAND; and it graces with LIGHT
unto ALL that are in the HOUSE/ WORLD.
who is the MOST HIGH. (Yacob/James 1:17)
Mat 5:17 Therefore THINK NOT even to CONSIDER that
  I .. am come to WEAKEN any part of REVERENCE for
foretold in the
LAW, or the PROPHETS: I am NOT come
even as a BLESSING unto ALL NATIONS!
Mat 5:18 For with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY, beyond ALL
 say unto you that and until ALL CONFUSING
this EARTH shall PASS
even ONE JOT nor ONE DASH in NO WISE can
from the  FULL EXPECTATION contained in
till ALL shall COME to pass.
Mat 5:19 Whosoever therefore shall think or scheme to
pause, abolish, PARTIALIZE, deny, suppress, break
even one of the seeming LEAST of  MY comMINDments,
and teaches continual STAGNATION under MISCONCEITS,
  the PARTIAL PERSPECTIVES of MANKIND under the spells
of WICKEDNESS unto UNrighteousness,
he shall be
 But whosoever shall DO and FULLY TEACH ALL
, the same shall be called GREAT in MY KINGDOM
that must be established
(Isaiah 60:1-<12-15,49:1-23, 24:1-<10-16) (Rev.3:7-9)(Isaiah
49:1-6>-<50:10-51:6>-8, 55:6-11>-55:6>-ch.56-62, 14:1-5)
(Micah 4:1-8, Isaiah 2:1-5) (Psalms 2) (Malachi 2:1-<7-9>-10)

Mat 5:20 For I say surely unto YOU, That except YOUR
unto the FULLNESS of MY LAW
 shall EXCEED the
  of them who corruptly MISadminister MY LAW, YOU shall
  (1Cor.3:18-4:5, Isaiah 40:27-42:4, 52:1-7, 52:15-53:1)
(Matthiah/Matthew 7:13-<21-23>-28) (2Kepa/ 2Peter
1:1-11) (Jeremiah 30:1-<31:31-36)
Mat 5:21 Ye have heard that the ancients were taught, THOU
  shalt NOT MURDER; and whosoever MURDERS shall be in
Mat 5:22 But I .. say unto you, YOUR LEADERS have left you in
  ERROR in that they have NOT taught you IMPLICATIONS unto
the FULL MEANING of these words.  
 For whosoever is angry
with his brother without a just cause shall be in danger of the 
and whosoever VILIFIES by testifying falsely
against his brethren, is GUILTY before the COURT: but
whosoever testifies to DECEIVE ie. DESTABILIZE his brother,
shall be in danger of the consuming FIRES of GEHENNOM.
(Isaiah 29:8-16 .. Matthiah/ Matthew 22:29) 


They are THE WICKED seeking to exalt THEMSELVES by HIDING their UNRIGHTEOUSNESS.  They are the UNGODLY in DISGUISE who seek to DESTROY REVERENT FAITH in the SURE EXPECTATION as contained in the LAW and the PROPHETS.    Their INIQUITY has now long enough been a MYSTERY who dare preach that the FULL PROMISED RESTITUTION and RESTORATION of  ALL THINGS has ALREADY come the pass ALL which was SPOKEN at the MOUTH of the HOLY PROPHETS SINCE THIS WORLD BEGAN!     Though ALL mankind be so grievously DECEIVED that when a TRUE PROPHET, comes to reveal the COMING TRUTH the MASSES dare wittingly or otherwise call the LORD HIMSELF a LIE; yet does the WORD of OUR LORD stand FIRM!   The RIGHTEOUSNESS of OUR LORD and accountability unto the SURETY of HIS WORD ENDURES FOREVER! (Acts 3:18-23 .. 2Timothy 2:16-19 .. Revelation 10:7, 16:12-21 .. Isaiah ch.24-26) 

NOTE!   Shall men even begin not to consider that anyone who in anyway takes away knowledge of what is the ultimate glory, plan and love that manifests perfectly the Divine ideal, will not be found out a robber of himself and others?   It is evident in the verses above that neither partiality nor perversity in any wise tainting or taking from the  knowledge of the Gospel Truth is found worthy for sake of salvation peace in Our Lord.   Messiah commands faithful stewards to go forth for the preservation and defense of the integrity of all that is Divine righteousness unto all, nothing lacking. (Yehudah/ Jude 1:1-4)   And yet, since the building of the very first nation to this very day, never have all the nations of the earth ever been reconciled as one unto and by the pure perfect will of the One LORD!   Yet this Peace is the Hope and the Promise of mutual Faith in the exceeding Truth Gospel.   This is the Faith of Abraham, and therefore is the Faith of all who would by trusting in YAH* would be called his children of the Promise. (*Psalms 68:4, Genesis 17:1-9, Galatians 3:29, 1Yohanan/ John 5:1-5)

The FATHER being the MOST HIGH, even the SUPREME ONE ALL in ALL, there is NO ALTERED COMMAND which ANY MAN can conjure to ABOLISH, HALT or DENY in ANY CASE SUBORDINATE ANYTHING, which the MOST HIGH has FOREORDAINED as PROMISED!    NO MAN whether JEW or GENTILE is justified before the LORD through FAITH in the WORSHIP of SIN!   It is therefore NOT DIVINE LAW that is abolished by FAITH in EXCEEDING DIVINE RIGHTEOUSNESS, but the MISRULE of MEN in a WORLD of FALLEN NATIONS that is EXPOSED at FAULT!   There is but ONE LAW that PERFECT unto ORDER and PEACE, RIGHTEOUS before YAH, and it is the FULLNESS of the LORD’S OWN LAW which HE WRITES AGAIN INDELIBLY upon the HEART of them who seek for the RESTORATION of the DISPERSED TRIBES of ISRAEL! (Jeremiah 30:1-31:31-36 .. Isaiah 11:1-14:5, 59:19-62:12, Zephaniah 3:13-20, Revelation 7:1-17, 14:1-12, Habakkuk 2:1-4)    BLESSED be they who find the SALVATION of OUR LORD!

When MESSIAH spoke concerning the KINGDOM MOST HIGH, HE even then was ratifying to CONFIRM the PROMISES of YAH unto the FATHERS of ISRAEL that indeed HE must RETURN as DELIVERER to make ISRAEL to be known as the MERCIFUL GRACE and GLORY of the MOST HIGH ABOVE ALL the NATIONS! (Micah 4:1-8, Isaiah ch.2)

MESSIAH in these passages spoke FIRST to HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL for the HOPE of them of ISRAEL who sought the PROMISED REWARD as the CHOSEN of the MOST HIGH.
From the days of ABRAHAM, the FATHERS of ISRAEL being graced with the LIGHT of the LORD in a DARKENED ie. CONFUSED WORLD were foreordained and forewarned that FIRST before attaining unto the PROMISE of GLORY, they were FIRST to bear GREAT RESISTANCE, even OPPRESSION in BONDAGE among GENTILE NATIONS for RIGHTEOUSNESS’ SAKE. (Genesis 15:13-14, Isaiah 40:1-42:4, 49:1-6, 60:1-62:12)   As a PEOPLE CHOSEN that the GLORY of the MOST HIGH be RESTORED in the EARTH, ISRAEL was called that FIRST before her REWARD of ETERNAL GLORY in ALL the EARTH to be a SUFFERING SERVANT to reveal the MERCY and LOVE that is the GOSPEL HOPE for RIGHTEOUSNESS unto SALVATION PEACE.   The REWARD for this SUFFRAGE in DIASPORA among the GENTILES that ALL the NATIONS may receive the WORD of SALVATION indeed as the apostle PAUL said is, “LIFE from the DEAD”, that is to say PROMISED RESTORATION unto RIGHTEOUSNESS in DIVINE DOMINION PLEASING to the LORD as of OLD, as in FORMER YEARS. (Acts 1:1-<6-8) (Ezekiel 37, Romans 11:15, Malachi 2:1-<2:17-3:9>-4:6)   ISRAEL being chosen in mercy to REVEAL the PRECEPTS of SALVATION unto the WORLD, shall indeed in MESSIAH be EXALTED ABOVE ALL the GENTILES! (Psalms 2)   Yet to this very day, the NATIONS have held to what the BIBLE forewarns are FALSE EXPECTATIONS and in conjuring and holding to WICKED PRETENSES have NOT heeded the DIVINE ADMONITION for which MESSIAH gave HIS LIFE. (2Thessolonians 2:1-<7-11 .. John 14:12)   The nations of the earth have hid and refused to hear the HOPE of the TRUTH of the GOSPEL, the HOPE of the DIVINE PROMISE which MESSIAH confirms as the eternal faith of the Hebrew fathers. (Romans 15) (Isaiah 52:1-<53:15-53:1) (Deuteronomy 32)

MESSIAH declared unto HIS PEOPLE who in the land of ISRAEL were foremost of the HOUSE of JUDAH-YEHUDAH, LEVI and BEN-YAMIN that they were to go forth FIRST to the diaspora, the scattered tribes of ISRAEL. (Jeremiah 30:1-<31:31-36)    For by the scriptures wrought through the inspiration of the FATHER is the LAW, the SOCIAL ORDER for DIVINE PEACE as revealed by the PROPHETS. The books of the LAW as passed down through the LAWGIVER MOSHE/ MOSES, and the books of the PROPHETS revealed in exceeding the vain variances of reprobate carnal CONFUSION, is indeed the LIGHT, the WHOLE ie. GOOD WORKS of RIGHTEOUSNESS, even the GRACE and MERCY that is the GOSPEL of PEACE and LIFE unto DISCIPLINE among ALL the NATIONS! (Revelation 2:27-29 .. Psalms 2)    For without KNOWLEDGE of the DIVINE COVENANT PROMISES which FIRST were revealed of YAH for the COALESCENT COMMONWEALTH and HERITAGE of ISRAEL as a PEOPLE; the NATIONS of the GENTILES are WITHOUT HOPE, WITHOUT FAITH, WITHOUT YAH, WITHOUT the TRUE EXPECTATION and HOPE in the MESSIAH, dividely indiscriminate and therefore WORLDLY, estranged in the WORLD. (Ephesians 2:1-<8-12>-4:17-18)     There is NO FORGIVENESS of MEN without having CONSCIENCE RAISED above ALLEGIANCE to the UNRIGHTEOUS PRESUMPTUOUSNESS that merely SEEMS RIGHT after the UNKNOWINGNESS of MEN that is the DARKNESS of CONFUSION among the NATIONS. Therefore by the raising of Conscience unto Divine Purpose and Glory that is only possible in the directly revealed reproof and discipline that is the Gift Grace and Reward of diligence in the Holy Spirit, can any man attain ATONEMENT, ie. FORGIVENESS OF SINS, through diligence worthy unto the RIGHTEOUSNESS PURE and COMPLETE that upholds only the HONOR of the ONE LORD. (Isaiah 29:12-13 .. Yochanan/John 14:6-27)   ALLEGIANCES among the NATIONS  unto UNrighteousnesses of men does not appease the RIGHTEOUSNESS of YAH!

The LAW and the PROPHETS PROMISE the KINGDOM of YAH to come on EARTH in PEACE!    The LAW and the PROPHETS PROMISE this RIGHTEOUS ORDER in the EARTH through the COMPLETE SHAMING HUMILIATION and utter ANNIHILATION of every form of UNrighteous MISRULING DECEIT and PRETENTIOUSNESS that has suppressed the TRUTH that is the PURE ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS that is the HOLY COVENANT! For every PRESUMPTUOUS MISOPINION that has PRESUMPTUOUSLY and/or TREACHEROUSLY MISGUIDED the PEOPLES of the EARTH has DIVIDED men’s THOUGHTS unto DAMNATIONS, against the HEALING SALVATION of this PLANET! (Genesis 17, Numbers 24, Isaiah 2, Isaiah 11-14, Isaiah 34, Micah 4, Zephaniah 3, Zechariah 14, Romans 15, Acts 3:18-23)

MESSIAH made THIS WARNING unto ISRAEL that regardless of where they be may SCATTERED in the earth, the HOLY ONE of ISRAEL is LORD!    There is NO PLACE on EARTH, NO PLACE in ALL the UNIVERSE that was created ABOVE DIVINE AUTHORITY!   ONE LORD is LORD of ALL!     If ALL the WORLD be DECEIVED, the HOLY ONE will yet be TRUE! (Romans 3:1-3)     Wherever MAN is BEGUILED to FORGET or DENY the PROMISES of YAH offered in the TRUTH of the LAW and the PROPHETS, he FALLS from FAITH to remain under BONDAGE to the FALSE EXPECTATIONS and DAMNING DECEITFUL DEVICES of MEN which BLIND MEN against DISCERNMENT of the ONE DIVINE REALITY!   Wherever man is BEGUILED to DENY the DIVINE HOPE and VISION as revealed in the LAW and the PROPHETS, DILIGENCE for RIGHTEOUSNESS is grossly DEVALUED  unto FORGETFULNESS
in this WORLD.    Ignorance and lack of remembrance give no man the supposed “right” to speak deceitful curses unto divisions against the RIGHTEOUS  VISION of the MOST HIGH!   He who has EARS to HEAR, let him HEAR! (Revelation chapters 2-3, 13:9-10)

BLESSED are they who will wisely discern that all that is written at CHAPTERS 6-7 of MATTHIAH/ MATTHEW, is with direct confirmation and reverent regard for the ANCIENT PROMISES of REWARD from the MOST HIGH unto HIS CHOSEN PEOPLE ISRAEL as HUMAN VESSELS foreordained to persevere in SUFFRAGE for sake of the  REMEMBRANCE of what is SERVICE unto DIVINE ORDINANCE, the LAW and the PROPHETS as revealers of the MYSTERY to the NATIONS, the HOPE of FOUNDATION RESTORED, the GOSPEL of EVERLASTING PEACE! (Genesis 15:13-14, Isaiah 40:1-<10>-41:3, 48:22-49:1-<4>-6, 62:11-12).   It is worthy of note that the word “REWARD” is mentioned NINE TIMES throughout chapters five and six in the writing of the apostle.  (Matthiah/ Matthew 5:12, 5:46-6:6-<6:16-18)

In that MESSIAH commanded the FAITHFUL of ISRAEL that they must “Let THEIR LIGHT so SHINE that ALL the WORLD may see their GOOD WORKS, and so GLORIFY the FATHER the MOST HIGH”, it is certain that the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the GOOD WORKS which the MOST HIGH had FIRST revealed unto ISRAEL is also the LIGHT of WISDOM REQUIRED to APPEASE the MOST HIGH throughout ALL the NATIONS. The knowledge of these GOOD WORKS of YAH, the HOLY COMMANDMENTS, the LAW and the PROPHETS is a BLESSED REQUIREMENT; NOT ONLY unto the JEW, but also unto the GENTILE! (Ephesians 2:1-<8-12) (Romans 1:1-<2:1-13)    For ONE LORD is the LORD of ALL!

MESSIAH sent forth HIS DISCIPLES in the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT that TEACHES ALL THINGS. He commanded HIS DISCIPLES to TEACH ALL NATIONS to DO EVERYTHING that HE HAD COMMANDED! This FULLNESS of the HOLY WORD wherein ALL having GREAT LOVE of the TRUTH may come to ONE CONSENT in COMMMON CONCLUSION. THIS is the GOSPEL for sake of RESTORATION in ATONING PEACE unto ALL the NATIONS! Or dare men believe that ALL NATIONS may AGREE when ALL PEOPLES have NOT HEARD the FULLNESS of the SAVING TRUTH? (Amos 3)    BLESSED are they who will realize in this due season that indeed always has the GOSPEL of PEACE has always been the WHOLE WORD of the LIVING LORD; even ALL that has been spoken by the PROPHETS since the WORLD BEGAN! Whoever dies without the knowledge of Divine LAW perishes in his sins.(Romans 2:1-13)  The COVENANT DISPENSATION of GRACE unto the FULLNESS of TRUTH is DIVINE MERCY unto the REVELATION of ALL THINGS, unto the HOPE of LIFE!    This GRACE which REVEALS the MYSTERIES of YAH which the GENTILES have NOT KNOWN is the BLESSEDNESS of the MOST HIGH.    This is the GRACE of YAH that ALL NATIONS may PREPARE for the DAY of the RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENT of the MOST HIGH! All else, whatever TEACHING is unto LESS than ALL that is required of the CALLED and FAITHFUL to be TAUGHT FULLY unto ALL NATIONS since the GREAT DISPENSATION, is counted the INCOMPLETE WORK of SCHEMING ROBBERS; THIEVES against YAH and against ALL NATIONS! (Malachi 2:17-3:9) (Matthiah 28:18-20)

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED, there is NO REASON that ISRAEL’S ANOINTED KING-MESSIAH as ISRAEL’S PROMISED DELIVERER would come to ABOLISH FAITH in the PROMISES unto the PATRIARCHS of ISRAEL that HE CAME to CONFIRM. (Romans 15)   There is NO REASON that ISRAEL’S MESSIAH would come to abolish FAITH in the very LAW and PROPHETIC EVENTUALITIES that from FOUNDATION made and preserves ISRAEL as a NATION!    The HOPE of the SCRIPTURES is that for which the FAITHFUL must WATCH unto the RESTORATION and RESTITUTION of ALL THINGS.   MESSIAH who assured that ALL THINGS written must surely come to pass, it is CERTAIN that MESSIAH COULD NOT POSSIBLY have come to ABOLISH FAITH in preparation for ALL that which HE SURELY RETURNS to FULLY bring to make come to pass! The GOSPEL that is the LAW and the PROPHETS is the DIVINE GIFT of MERCY sent forth to PREPARE ALL the NATIONS for the PROMISED RESTORATION of the KINGDOMINION of ISRAEL! (Acts 1:1-6, 3:18-23) (Isaiah chapters 11-14, 24-26) (Rev. 20:14-21:1 .. 1Cor.15:24-28 .. Heb.1:13-18, 10:13-14 / Acts 3:18-23 .. Isaiah 40, 49, Rom.11, Revelation ch.6-7 & 14) (Isaiah 11-14, 65, Zechariah 9, Zephaniah 3)

Concerning the word “LAW“.    The time is come to put confusion to rest.    Consider the verse, “Through the LAW, I am DEAD to the LAW, that I might LIVE unto YAH.” (Galatians 2:19)   For the LAW of the Spirit of Life in Messiah Yeoshua hath made me FREE from the fLAW of SIN and DEATH. (Romans 8:2) Consider that the pagans regarded their kings as gods.    Their language therefore was very indiscript to relate the GREAT DIFFERENCE between DIVINE LAW and the MISRULE, the MISADMINISTRATIONS, the fLAW that is CONFUSION, the exaltation of the MISCREANT PRINCIPLES of PRESUMPTUOUS MEN! (Colosians 2:1-8)     FIRSTLY, note that without the TRUE KNOWLEDGE of HOW to DO GOOD, a man can only DO what in some manner is yet ERRANT, even EVIL, VAIN in FALLING SHORT of the GLORIOUS HARMONY and PEACE of YAH! There is only ONE LAW that is LAWFUL and JUSTLY RIGHTEOUS before YAH unto ATONEMENT with HIM in PEACE, the DELIVERANCE from ALL SIN! All else is the contrivances of CONTRADICTION ie. SELF-RIGHTEOUS DIVIDED WORLDLINESS. The ONLY LAW that makes PERFECT PEACE and ORDER is the PURE PERFECT LAW of the LORD HIMSELF who DOES NOT CHANGE!     It is the PERFECT LAW of the LORD that CONVERTS the SOULS lest men continually FALL to STUMBLE under BONDAGE to the FALLEN CONSCIENCE of the WICKED! (Psalms 19:7-14 .. Romans 6:1-<14-23) (2Thessolonians 2:1-<7-11)   Shall a man say he is LAWFUL ie. RIGHTEOUS before YAH declaring ALLEGIANCE to any LESSER RULE? Indeed, they who are willing to reasonably receive it will understand, an IMPERFECT LAW is NOT at all LAWFULLY a LAW before YAH and therefore can only be SIN!         Shall men prefer subjection under what is LESS WISE? (Isaiah 29:8-16)    Shall men prefer the EXCEEDING TRUTH, or LIES?  (2Thessolonians 2:7-11)   There is a difference between what may be revealed after the short-sightedness of MEN, and the OMNISCIENTLY MASTERFUL WISDOM of YAH HIMSELF! (Psalms 68:4)  The apostle KEPA/ PETER forewarned that many would CORRUPTLY MISHANDLE the words of the apostle PAUL, especially with regard to the word, “LAW” that many already not yet STABLE would follow after the ERROR of the LAWLESS! (2Kepa/ 2Peter 3:14-18) The RIGHTEOUS SOUL knows indeed and will not be destabilized to think otherwise, “THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF OUR GOD ENDURES FOREVER!” (Isaiah 40:1-42:4, chapter 34, chapters 49-52)

2Thessolonians 2:1-<7-11) What was PROPHECIED by APOSTLE PAUL in his second letter to the congregation at THESSOLONICA, was foretold by the PROPHET ISAIAH at CHAPTERS 11-14.   PAUL wrote in response to the HOPE of the EARLY CHURCH that must culminate in a LATTER DAY SECOND TIME wherein this time ISRAEL and JUDAH must be RESTORED as ONE and REGATHERED from amidst the POLLUTIONS and PRETENSES of ALL the DIVERSE GENTILE NATIONS where they had been SCATTERED. In that day the TRIBES of ISRAEL and JUDAH FIRST shall be RESTORED in ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS to have  DOMINION being regarded as the BLESSED MERCY and GRACE of the MOST HIGH among ALL the NATIONS! (Zephaniah 13:1-<10>-20, Zechariah ch.9, 14) (Isaiah 19:18-25, 40:1-43:15, 49:1-6>-52:12, ) (Jeremiah 30:1-<31:31-36) (Ezekiel 37) (Revelation  6:12-7:17, 14:1-5)   CONSIDER ROMANS 15 is to the TRUE BELIEVER a REMINDER to have PATIENCE seeking unto ALL that was FORETOLD in the LAW and in the PROPHETS who spoke by the SPIRIT of the MESSIAH. (1Kepa/ 1Peter 1:9-11) (Acts 3:18-23, Malachi 4:1-<4-6) For the LAW and the PROPHETS are  the COMMONWEALTH, the the HOPE of the HERITAGE and EXPECTATION wrought of the SURE FOUNDATION as the ETERNAL VISION, the SOCIAL COALESCENCE of FAITH as spoken by the PROPHETS of the LAW. For in the ancient mind, a PEOPLE are more than those who live within boundaries of a particular land mass.   A PEOPLE are all they who LIVE having COMMON HOPE in a COMMON HERITAGE and FAITH as an EXPECTATION and ALLEGIANCE to a MORAL CODE commonly accepted as ORDER in RIGHTEOUSNESS! And yet, there is but ONE RIGHTEOUS VISION that is TRUE unto PEACE in ALL that the MOST HIGH has spoken as BLESSED REPROOF unto ALL the NATIONS! See also PSALMS 18:43-44, 18:49, DEUTERONOMY 32, ISAIAH 11.

In ALL the UNIVERSE, there is but ONE CONSUMATE TRUTH! It is the DIVERSELY CONTRADICTIVE BELIEFS, the FALLEN IMAGINATIONS of MEN that spawned the FIRST SEEDS of ALL that has been  HATRED, the spawning ground for ALL the CHAOS and DAMNATIONS that to this day have plagued the EARTH!    Where all believe the TRUTH, in HARMONY with the MOST HIGH, there is LIFE and PEACE!     Where all are believers in WANTON PRESUMPTUOUSNESS and LIES, DEATH, MURDER and CHAOS abound! (Isaiah 58:12–14>-ch.59-62)   While yet there are deceivers to breathe Eartian air, the HOPE of the GOSPEL as is contained in the LAW and the PROPHETS is NOT yet come fully to pass! (2Thessolonians 2:7-11, Isaiah ch.11-14 .. Psalms 110, 1Corinthians 15:24-28, .. Hebrews 2:8, 10:12-13, Acts 3:18-23) An unbridled tongue is a murderously dangerous thing! (Matthiah/ Matthew 5:1-<13-22)

Concerning the word “murder”, compare it to the word, “martyr” concerning one who is killed unjustly. Often they who are dealt an unjust persecution or killing go on in the memories of men to represent or even to champion the seemingly more righteous cause and hope of them who  are oppressed by the “cruel and powerful”. Such as are martyred, often become continual representatives to fuel revolutionary thought and social change. Messiah sent His disciples in the power of His anointing for sake of teaching all things of His Gospel forth unto all the nations saying, “You shall be witnesses unto Me not only in Jerusalem, but also unto Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth”. (Acts 1:1-6>-9) (John 14:15-26)  It is interesting to note that the word used here for “witnesses” is “martyria” ie. martyrs,thus
connoting diverse Gentile resistance against saving absolutionNote that since Messiah is King over all Kings, that the nations would seek each to uphold its confusions after partial thus perversely flattering hegemonies, is an act of anti-christ! For no present nation on earth is wholly founded on the perfect will of YAH!    Indeed, there is no nation which YAH has established that it have power to cause men to think anyone has license to deny or in any regard to disregard or denegrate Divine Authority! (Isaiah 34 .. Revelation 19:11-25)   When comes the “White Horse Rider(s)”, methinks He will be more than a bit perturbed at what the Nations had done in defiance against PEACE that is FULLNESS in the RIGHTEOUSNESS of the GOSPEL! (Revelation ch.6-7, 19:11-21 .. Isaiah 49-52:7)

Again we discern the Gift of the Suffering Servant as a Gift for the Redemption of All! (Isaiah ch.53 .. John 3:14-21)   A martyr is one who gives his life for the justness of a cause. In that partiality is the sin of divisions against all righteousness, Messiah gave His life in defense of all righteousness sake. How then shall men say then that upholding partialities, and forsaking pursuit for complete social healing unto the oneness that is Divine Law complete, that yet they have willingly received the Righteousness of the Anointed’s anointing? There is no redemption unto the oneness of YAH, but in repentant guided return unto HIM who for being the embodiment of Harmony in Highest Conscience and Awareness beyond every conflict of fallen conscience; is Eternal and is One.  Messiah did not give His Life that mankind remain separated from Him under the spell of blindness wrought of any lesser conscience.   Messiah did not give His Life that the Father be pleased with an imperfect offering. (Malachi 2:19-3:9, 3:17-<4:4-6) (2Kepa/ 2Peter 1:1-11)  

The Gospel is “God’s Spell”, God’s Message”, the “Good” ie. Whole Tidings, the Whole Message, the Sure Testimony, the Faithful Witness of the Most High; that in all things considered, what is the Reality unto justice is revealed.   The True Gospel is God’s Spell to break every chains of darkness and injustice wrought in unreasoning ignorance.   Blessed are they who are granted the Gift, the Grace of Faith wrought unto Exceeding Understanding beyond the veneers of every illusion.    The TRUTH FULLY RESTORED is what indeed shall set us FREE. (John 8:31-36) (Isaiah 44:21-46:13, 40:1-42:4) (Luke 3:4-6)

Righteousness is constancy in pursuit of oneness with YAH in every revealed aspect of Divine Being. (Deuteronomy 27:26) The seeming “law”, the “flaw”, the conflicted “false law” of diverse men is INcomplete. (Colossians 2:1-<8-10) The LAW of the LORD OUR MASTER is RIGHTEOUSNESS PERFECTED unto the CONVERSION of the afflicted and fallen human SOUL! (Psalm 19:1-<7-14) Nothing less is a Holy Covenant.   All else is wickedness ie. lawlessness, unbelief, damnation.   They who have not the greatest love of the truth as preservers of the first hatreds, have continually despised them who love and worship the Reality that is before the diversitudes of failing that have become captivity under the variance of carnal persuasions.  Indeed the Jews that sent forth the Gospel are to commended and appreciated greatly for the unselfish greatness of their unwavering devotion to the Divine commission as a labor of much faithfulness and love. (Luke 9:23-27 .. Mark 8:35-38)    YAH so LOVED the WORLD that HE gave HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON!   YAH so LOVED the WORLD that HE set apart a PEOPLE unto HIMSELF.   And though they be scattered to near total dissolution buffetted after the POLLUTIONS of  ALL the DIVISITUDES of the NATIONS of the GENTILES, YAH has PROMISED their RESTORATION as the LIGHT of HIS MERCY unto SALVATION, as the PURE BEACON of HIS HOPE for PEACE in ALL of ALL the EARTH!  (Isaiah 19:18-<24-25, 49:1-6, 50:10-52:7) Mankind having forgotten the fundamental principles upon which all things are created unto harmony; and has suffered after his own devices unto great instabilities.   The Creator has not forgotten, nor will He ever forget.   He is destabilized at the whims of no one.

For sake of them who have not understood, Hebrew people highly regarded the properties of SALT as a purifier and a preservative against corruption and disease. Yet of what use is salt if become contaminated after the pollutions of the earth? Shall salt spilt and intermingled with the dusty dirt of the earth be made pure again? Indeed, MESSIAH forewarned FIRST HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL, that THEY according to CHOSEN PURPOSE must LOVE the LORD despite all WORLDLY OPPRESSION enough to keep, defend, maintain and uphold the pure and perfect remembrance of the LORD’S COMMANDS in the earth.   HE WARNED that they who did not preserve righteouusness,in the JUDGMENT like unto the NATIONS which refuse to serve ISRAEL, will be TRODDEN DOWN in the coming of the DELIVERER. (Isaiah ch.59-62 .. Acts 3:18-23) For in the coming of the MESSIAH, the folly of ALL NATIONS shall be put to open shame.  When every LIE is impotent in its power to deceive, a world shall be one in peace.   It is the false vision of the peoples that have divided this world under chaos and indiscriminate confusion. (Isaiah 40:1-42:4>-ch.43, 44-<48-49>-52, 55-62, 34)     Messiah called His people ISRAEL, the SALT, the preservers, the defenders of righteousness and life for the healing of all the earth.

It is worthy of note here to realize that the so-called, “new testament canon” had hardly begun to be collaborated till well into the fourth century!    Each of the various congregations in various cities throughout the lands each had the apostolic letters that were specifically written to each of them.   The congreagations were not necessarily privy to what was contained in the apostolic letters sent to believers elsewhere.    Furthermore, upon examination we find that the apostolic letters were not written till decades after the dispensation and ascension of the Messiah!   Therefore it must be realized that neither the apostles nor the early churches regarded the “epistles”, the apostolic letters, as per se “the scriptures”.     What the EARLY CONGREGATIONS did have in common,  was the books of the LAW, and the books of the PROPHETS.   This evidenced by the many times the apostles inferred so much more with reminders declaring, “As it is written”. They who are wise will discern that the LAW and the PROPHETS was and is the GOSPEL FOUNDATION that was FIRST sent forth unto ALL NATIONS that they who are BAPTISMALLY PURGED to BELIEVE and OBEY should NOT be ASHAMED, nor remain SEPARATED from the DIVINE VISION, remaining in BONDAGE under the SINS of all manner of DIVERSE NATIONAL BELIEFS unto MANY CONDAMNATIONS. Yet till ALL have HEARD the FULLNESS of the HOLY WORD in the FULLNESS of ALL DIVINE EXPECTATION, the claim of AGREEMENT is yet an UNSTABLE PRETENSE! (Romans ch.1-15) HOW shall ALL CALL upon the NAME of the SAME LORD who is ALL that HE IS in TRUTH; after the PARTIAL ie. ERRANT PERSPECTIVES conceived by DIVERSE PEOPLES upon FAULTY FOUNDATIONS? PARTIALITY in the LAW is the SIN, the CURSES, the DIVISION ie. DAMNATIONS resultant and preserves while men resistant against GREATER TRUTH remain in bondage to INCOMPLETE ie. FALSE JUDGEMENT! (Jeremiah 9:5-<6-9)   The RIGHTEOUS SOUL is he who seeks with LOVE for the GOOD of ALL what FULLY PLEASES the MOST HIGH! (2Thessolonians 2:7-11) The Hebrew word for WICKEDNESS and LAWLESSNESS ie. PARTIALITY in the LAW are ONE and the SAME! It is SIN to be subject to any lesser conscience than that of YAH HIMSELF! Bondage to misrulers who suppress the fullness of the truth, is bondage under SIN whose wages is not life. (Deuteronomy 27:26 .. Galatians 3:10 .. Romans 6 .. Mattiah/ Matthew 15:6-9>-14)   The RIGHTEOUS SOUL shall LIVE by FAITH seeking ALL that is WRITTEN beyond what carnal designs, carnal EYES and carnal EARS have power to fully percieve to believe! (Habbakuk 2:1-4) (Isaiah 11:1-10, 64:1-9, .. 1Corinthians 1:31-<2:4-11>-<3:1-4>-<3:18-4:5) (Isaiah ch.55-62)   Realize that since the so-called “new testament canon” was not compiled, per se, till the fourth century, that the GOSPEL, the SCRIPTURES that were FIRST sent forth among the NATIONS was indeed what many call the OLD TESTAMENT, the LAW and the PROPHETS! For how else shall GENTILES NATIONS DIVIDED and estranged from the KNOWLEDGE of YAH be UNIFIED in PREPARATION for the coming of the LORD, lest FIRST the WORD of the HOLY EXPECTATION and PROMISE be sent forth unto them ALL? (Romans chapter 15) (Isaiah 8:9-9:8) (Malachi 2:17-3:9, 3:18-4:6)

“How BEAUTIFUL over ALL the mountains/ NATIONS are the feet/ DOMINION of HIM who publishes WHOLLY the WORD of the GOSPEL, that publishes the SURE WORD of PEACE! .. that exposes in SHAME every LIE!     For THIS is the SAVIOR’S CALL unto ZION! OUR ELOHIYM REIGNS! (Isaiah 52:1-7.. Romans 10:11-17 .. Joel 2:25-<2:32-ch.3)    Yet the SAVIOR of ISRAEL, even the SALVATION of the WORLD shall come out of ZION, even according to the FULL EXPECTATION and VISION which YAH gave FIRST unto  ISRAEL. (Isaiah 59:19-62:12 .. Romans 11:1-<25-27)     Yet in that the NATIONS which have long suppressed the TRUTH, it is evident that according to much false teaching that the NATIONS have not known to count the TRUTH of the GOSPEL as a PRECIOUS WORD of BLESSING and GREAT BEAUTY! For all this, WHEN and after the manner foretold that the SON OF MAN RETURNS, will HE find FAITH in the EARTH? (Habakkuk 2:1-4, Luke 17:26-8:9, Isaiah 19:18-25, ch.24-26,  ch.28-32, 34, 49, Hebrews ch.11-12) (Numbers 24:14-20, Isaiah 15:1-<16:1-5)

A “little bit of knowledge“, partial awareness if you will, can be  a “very dangerous deceptive thing”, arrogances of contentious ignorances unto MANY DIVISIONS against the FULLNESS of the PURE TRUTH that the ONE LORD IS. That ALL MANKIND must ultimately in ONE CONSENT beyond ALL the SINS of PRETENSE, DOUBT and CONFUSION wrought of SLOTH unto PARTIAL PERSUASIONS, might ALL KNOW with CERTAINTY the ONE LORD; ..  the FOREMOST COMMAND, the PRIME DIRECTIVE of the MOST HIGH is “HEAR O ISRAEL!   The LORD Thy LORD is ONE!” (Mark 12:29-31) (Romans 14:1-<9-13) Therefore ALL that is written of OLD, what men call the OLD TESTAMENT HOLY SCRIPTURES is for OUR INSTRUCTION, responsibly taught unto ALL, that ALL who would claim to BELIEVE through SURE WHOLE KNOWLEDGE of the SCRIPTURES, the BOOKS of the LAW and the PROPHETS, might have the COMMON HOPE unto ONE HEALING SALVATION. (Romans ch.15) (Jude 1:1-4, Malachi 4:1-6) One who knows NOT the WISDOM of the LORD, is easily destabilized for already being unstably unprecise in his testimony. (Yacob/ James 1:1-6) (Ephesians 6:11-18) (2Kepa/ 2Peter 1:1-11)   He who dies errantly partial in the knowledge of Divine LAW, perishes in his SINS! (Romans 2:1-<10-13)   Such is the nature of the DISPENSATION of MERCIFUL GRACE unto ALL NATIONS wherein the APOSTLES were comMINDed to BAPTISMALLY PURGE ALL NATIONS of EVERY MISCONCEIT, and to TEACH ALL NATIONS to DO EVERYTHING which the MESSIAH had comminded THEM ALL by the POWER of the HOLY ANOINTING! (Mattiah/ Matthew 28:18-20)   For that very ANOINTING is to TEACH and RESTORE the KNOWLEDGE of ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS and to REPROVE ALL SIN! (Yohanan 14:26, 15:26-16:14)    MESSIAH gave HIS LIFE to be LORD, that is to say be granted ALL AUTHORITY from HEAVEN over ALL the EARTH!(Romans 14:9-12) (Matthiah/ Matthew 28:18-20) (Mark 16:15-16)    How then dare men say they are CHRISTIANS, followers of the MESSIAH, the KING-DELIVERER-SAVIOR of ISRAEL, yet the PEOPLES of the NATIONS remain cajoled to oblige ALLEGIANCES unto DIVERSE HEGEMONIES defiant against the ONE RIGHTEOUSNESS of the MOST HIGH!     The KING of ISRAEL does not come to ABOLISH the VERY LAWFUL EXPECTATION and FAITH that makes ISRAEL a NATION!

The Apostle YACOB, the brother of Our LORD YEOSHUA wrote with great diligence concerning the great need to preserve the integrity of the FAITH!    He intimated, “If any man lacks WISDOM, let him ask of YAH to be made FAITHFULLY STABLE beyond ALL the uncertainties of DOUBT”. (Yacob/ James 1:1-6)   My people are confused for lack of knowledge, for lack of discerning the fullness of foundation in hearing the controversies wrought of many leaders rather than from the LORD HIMSELF! (Hosea 4:1-6) Yacob wisely warned, there should not be many diverse teachers among the believers lest in diverse understanding the congregation fall to divisions under blindly indiscriminate thinking unto the sins of many divisive condemnations. (James 3:1-6)   Though led with the best of intentions, works without the guidance of Faith led by the Gift of YAH, is a work ultimately unto failure and controversies incapable of  being fully pleasing unto the glory of YAH.  By the misconceits of men is a world divided.  It is by Faith in the Higher Conscience of YAH revealed by Grace that a world shall be converted to be saved as one. (Romans 8)(Ephesians 2:1-<8-12>-4:18)   If all believe the Truth, there is harmony and peace.    If all believe diverse lies, there is only chaos.    The bible is a book that only they unto whom its keys are given are empowered firm with authority in Divine foundation and precepts to handle it wisely. (Matthiah/ Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:-<6-8)   The WORD of DIVINE LIGHT is a precious thing capable of casting aside to show a way in the darkness. (Psalm 119:105).    Yet that same LIGHT it is also a consuming fire not to be handled unwisely, nor in the hands of them who would do presumptuously or corruptly unto pretentious misrepresentation unto chaos. Such is the analogy regarding a LAMP as a thing to be shared on a LAMPSTAND.   Under a BUSHEL that same LAMPSTAND capable of offering so much BLESSING, could either be SNUFFED OUT, or smolder to become a seething uncontrollable  and destructive WILDFIRE.

With regard to the verses concerning them who shall be called the LEAST in the KINGDOM of HEAVEN”. It is written that whosover shall seek to weaken, halt, pause, break, destroy, corrupt, confuse, or in any way abolish the authority of even what seems to be the LEAST of the HOLY COMMANDMENTS, he shall be called LEAST, that is to say HUMILIATED before the KING of the KINGDOM MOST HIGH for having been PARTIAL in the LAW! (Malachi 2:1-<7-10> -<2:17-3:9>-4:4-6) (Isaiah 60:1-<12-15, 49:123) (Rev.3:7-9) (Isaiah 49:1-6>-<50:10-51:6>-8, 55:6-11> -55:6>-ch.56-62) (Isaiah 24:1-<10-16>-<17-22) (Micah 4:1-8, Isaiah 2:1-5) (Psalms 2) (Mattiah/Matthew 23:1-<22-23, 28:18-20)


The LAW and the PROPHETS is the HOPE of the GOSPEL! In that the NATIONS have taught from the early days of ROMAN DOMINATION the supposed ABOLISHING of the LAW and the PROPHETS, the NATIONS have SUPPRESSED the TRUTH of the GOSPEL and have INVOKED the WRATH of the MOST HIGH! (Isaiah 34)

REASON declares that there must be RESTORED in the EARTH a POINT of DIVINE REFERENCE! The LIGHT of YAH must be a PEOPLE of PURE TRUTH unto the LORD! (Isaiah 8:9-9:8 .. James/ Yacob 1:17-18)   The WICKED are the LAWLESS who HATE the PERFECT PLAN of the ONE LORD as ETERNAL, the COMPLETE and PURELY CONGRUOUS LAW that transcends EVERY CONTRADICTION!   It is the INCONGROUS ARROGANT PRIDE of men who do not revere the FACT that TRUTH canNOT WHOLLY AGREE to FULLY FAVOR them who REFUSE to RECEIVE any PART of what makes TRUTH WHOLE! Evil being a deviation from a perfect state declares there is no pure evil.   Therefore evil can take on many deceptive forms which only the most favored and diligently discriminate soul can overcome.   The FAITH that can UNIFY a HOLY PEOPLE is not after any diversity of fallen conscience.   It is the GIFT of YAH!  As in advance it is long foreordained, the WICKED, the LAWLESS, they who despise the PURSUIT and HOPE for ALL that is PURE and PERFECT TRUTH will NOT UNDERSTAND! (Isaiah 24:1-26:12-13, Daniel 12:9-10, 2Kepa/ 2Peter 1:1-11) (Isaiah 29:8-32:8)(Isaiah 48:22-49:6>-<22-23>-<50:10-11>-52:12)

Thus has the MOST HIGH spoken unto me, saying, You have some very important things for ME to do!    You shall tell them things they have done everything they could since the dawn of human fall to hide, deny, pervert, silence and destroy!” And against at another time HE spoke unto me with power, saying, “Until you see all things that I have spoken fully come to pass, YOU keep LOOKING!”   At another time while humbly and most diligently prayerful for the mysteries of the exceeding secreted wisdom of HIM re-revealed HE spoke unto me saying, “Whatever they tell you, you had better check it out with ME, or surely someone will make a FOOL of YOU!” “Either you shall seek ME for the FULLNESS of ALL MY WILL, or YOU can STOP RIGHT NOW!” I am most thankful beyond measure for the blessing offered in the omniportance of finding absolution in the Holy Name that is assured in this revealing admonition.

Even among the most diligent having zealous love to learn what it is to serve the Most High, there remains in the earth an unwittingly carnal and unholy damning variance. The the present turmoils, natural disasters, earthquakes and unremittant revolutions and warfare we currently see besetting the earth from above and across the lands on every corner, the prophesied “drying up of the rivers”, the “darkening of the sun and moon”, are an allegorically promised proof that the patience of the Most High has blessedly grown short.    For having acted in suppression, corruptly against the wholeness of truth that is the GOSPEL, the indignation of the Most High is against all the nations.   HE will NOW lift HIS VOICE at last to surely be HEARD!    Not one of all that is HIS words shall fail!   (Isaiah ch.34, and ch.42)   In the fierceness of HIS rebuke against ALL the NATIONS, the ELECT made RIGHTEOUS of HIS PEOPLE will RETURN unto ISRAEL, even JERUSALEM as the FOUNTAIN of PEACE and LIVING WATERS! (Zephaniah 3:13, Revelation ch.6-7, ch.14, 16:12-21, Isaiah 49:1-53:1, ch.40-42, ch.44-46, 5:20-26)   As promised, HE will not from on High  show favor from on High unto a world refusing to give unto HIM what HE has required of it!    The day of salvation, the day of healing Light is now upon us. (Matthiah/ Matthew 24)   The day comes very soon though all flesh be as the fading flower amidst withering grass, when the Light shall be revealed and all who would call upon the Holy Name humbly seeking the utmost truth, shall be ONE! Though all the world be a liar, the LORD will yet be true! (Joel 2:31-chapter 3, Isaiah 19, Isaiah 44-52:12, chapter 49, ch.40-42 .. Revelation 6:12-7:17, ch.14, 16:12-21, 22:16, Malachi 3:18-4:6) (Psalms 14 & 53, Isaiah 41:25-<41:27-42:4, Isaiah ch.59-62, 49-51, .. Romans 3:1-4, Malachi 2:17-3:9)

Through the GRACE that is the GIFT KNOWLEDGE of DIVINE LAW in HIS PROMISE of HIS VISION and EXPECTATION REVEALED, I am FREE from the fLAW, the DIVERSE RULE of SIN, DIVISIVENESS, CHAOS and CONTENTIOUSNESS unto DEATH, that is the INDISCRIMINATE MISRULE of MEN!    By DIVINE REVELATION of HIS FAITH shall WE be ONE! (1Corinthians 3:18-<4:1-5, Romans ch.8, Amos 3, Numbers 24:12-20, Isaiah chs.15-16, 19, 24-26, 11-15, 66, Hosea 11:6-12, Zephaniah ch.3, 3:13, Revelation 6-7, 14, 16:12-21, ch.10) (Isaiah 60-62) (Micah 4)    BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD!

TRUTH canNOT fully AGREE with anyone who would deny any part of the REALITY!   You are the SONS of ABRAHAM, belonging to MESSIAH,  IF your FAITH is according to the HOPE of the FULLNESS of the PROMISES that is the HOPE of the TRUE MYSTERIES of the GOSPEL!    The FAITHFUL know that the GOSPEL of PEACE, the GOOD MESSAGE is indeed in DILIGENCE and EXPECTATION for FULL MANIFESTATION of the WHOLE WORD of YAH!  (Galatians 3:29-4:10, Ephesians 2:1-<8-12, Romans 15, Isaiah 56-57-58, 28:1-5-<19-23>-32:8) (Habakkuk 2:1-4 .. Hebrews 10:26-31)    Again, all the world believing and perfected in the knowledge of the Truth, brings Peace. (Isaiah ch.11-14)   A world believing lies can only be chaos. (Jeremiah 9:6, Isaiah 59-62)   The rulers of the earth have forged lies that have blinded the minds predisposed to resist the REALITY.    The WORD OF YAH PROMISED that TRUTH again shall RISE! (Micah 7)   When HIS GLORIOUS VOICE again is HEARD, every manner of FALSE RULE being proven FOLLY and/or TREACHEROUS, shall FAIL and ALL CONFUSION shall CEASE.    NO MORE shall the LAW of the LORD be BROKEN into LAWLESSLY INDISCRIMINATE PIECES.   NO MORE shall the FALSE MORALITY of UNRIGHTEOUSNESS mislead to enslave the unwitting soul.     In that day there shall be an EVERLASTING PEACE!   SO BE IT!   AMEN!

What was spoken of the Law and the Prophets that the Messiah should first SUFFER, He has so fulfilled.   In these latter days, He shall again be revealed, but this time ultimately unto dominion and glory, the restoration in remembrance of all righteousness for peace sake throughout all the earth. (Acts 3:18-23) (Isaiah 53:10 .. Psalm 110 .. Hebrews 10:12-13 .. 1Corinthians 15:24-28 .. Micah ch.4)    When at last ALL shall be made RIGHTEOUS and NO MORE NEGLECTFULLY IRREVERENT TONGUE MOUTH shall speak or breathe earthian air, when the FATHER HIMSELF sees the EARTH fully prepared for HIS TABERNACLE as a HOLY HABITATION; then shall ALL that is PROMISED in the LAW and the PROPHETS at last in GLORY be fulfilled. (Revelation 21:3-4 .. Isaiah 28:1-<8-[16-20]-23>-32:8) (Habakkuk 2:1-4) (Psalm 37)

CONSIDER!   The VAST MAJORITY of what was written to remain as a PROPHETIC TESTIMONY was written for DISCIPLINE, ORDER and HYGIENE, not only to them who lived in THAT DAY, but as a an ADMONITION concerning what was to be PRESERVED that ISRAEL be kept MINDFUL and PREPARED in RIGHTEOUSNESS for the COMING of the LORD!  (Hebrews 3-4)    They who will give the SCRIPTURES deep examination will discover that MOST of the PROPHETIC WRITINGS are directed squarely at THESE VERY DAYS, THIS VERY TIME at the very BRINK of the END of the what has been the PRESENT INDISCRIMINATE AGE!     They who are wise will DISCERN that the FIRST ADMONITION of these PRECIOUS PROPHECIES is are a MERCIFUL ADMONITION unto ALL ISRAEL, a CALLING of the MOST HIGH that ALL the ELECT REMNANT of ISRAEL and JUDAH must PREPARE to again be made ONE in the KINGDOM of YAH searching the SCRIPTURES for ALL that is WISE in RETURNING  beyond ALL FALLEN HEGEMONY, unto ABSOLUTION in THE LORD HIMSELF!    If it were not for the BLESSEDNESS of the JEWISH APOSTLES who FIRST began at DIVINE COMMANDMENT of the DISPENSATION were entrusted with being SENT FORTH to TEACH and DEFEND the INTEGRITY of the TRUE GOSPEL, the GENTILE NATIONS would have KNOWN NOTHING of which they should PREPARE! (Acts 1:1-<6-8)    Yet whether MANKIND will HEAR or NOT, the WORD OF THE LORD STANDS FIRM!

The SALVATION of THIS WORLD unto DIVINE GLORY is NOT according to the COMMON CONVERSATION, the PRESUMPTUOUSNESS that is the WORKS ie. DEVICES seeming right unto MEN!    WE who are called by FAITH are called unto the GOOD WORKS which YAH from the BEGINNING has FOREORDAINED!     The WORD of YAH is from the BEGINNING ETERNAL!      As it is written, “The WORKS of YAH are from the FOUNDATION of the WORLD!”.    Shall we say that in HIS DISPENSATION unto the GENTILES that they who are of ISRAEL and JUDAH were FOREWARNED concerning what is come among ALL the NATIONS, and that the GENTILES have no reason to take heed?    WE LIVE ALL in ONE WORLD MY PEOPLE!      In that REPETITIVELY the LORD admonished HIS PEOPLE through the PROPHETS concerning the ULTIMATE BLESSING unto them who would WISELY RETURN unto HIM, it is certain that the LAW and the FULLNESS of ALL that is the LAW and the PROPHETS was NEVER to be FORGOTTEN! (Deuteronomy 29:29) (Malachi 2:17-4:6) (Hebrews  3:5-4:12) (Isaiah ch.56-58)  I therefore admonish ALL in the LORD to seek AGAIN the FULL RESTORATION of ALL that is FOREWARNED as the BLESSING of the LAW and the PROPHETS that through ONE COMMON EXCEEDING FAITH, WE may ALL again in the MOST HIGH know what it is IN and WITH YAH to be ONE! (Ephesians 2:1-<8-12)

We who would be wise are admonished that we must be ever watchful.   Lest at an hour which ye know not, the Son of Man shall be revealed! (Matthiah/ Matthew 24:24, 25:13) (Luke 12:40, 18:8)   Yet if we are forewarned to beware the robbery and treachery of them who have not been faithful stewards of the holy word, who then are we to blame if we ourselves are not diligently watchful?   WHO all is it to blame if we know not what all are the signs we should have been watchful for?    Remember.   All that is written in what men refer to today as the new testament canon was written with reference to the what had already been preached by the prophets of old!

CONSIDER! The assemblance of books which today are commonly referred to as the new testament was not collected together from the midst of all the territories wherein the apostles had gone forth in the dispensation, till late in the fourth century.    The respective territories had the letters sent unto them.    But there was no “new testament” collection.    Indeed, the 66 books of the King James Version was not till the 17th century.   There is need to consider the fact that the Hebrew word which has been interpreted “new” as in “new testament” or “new covenant” is actually a word that relates to a thing being made “anew”, ie. “restored”, even at last brought to “perfection”, that is to say brought to the “full fruition” of “all that has been was spoken of the holy prophets since the world began”. (Jeremiah 30:1-31:36, Acts 3:18-23) MESSIAH comes declaring unto ISRAEL and to ALL MEN  to “bind the testimony, seal the LAW among MY disciples”; and “if they do not speak according to THIS word, THIS testimony, they have NO LIGHT in them”, and that if the nations conspire after any other counsel. “it shall not stand!   For YAH is WITH HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL!” (Isaiah 8:9-9:8)    What is the “new covenant” is actually an admonishment unto all for full remembrance, revival and renewal in the minds of all who would believe unto salvation beyond unto all the uncertainties and controversies of men! (Psalms 2) In the authority granted unto me in the revealed Vision of the Most High, I admonish all “seek out fully the books of the LAW, for indeed not one of these shall fail!” (Isaiah 34:1-<16 .. Luke 17:26-<17:29>-18:9) (Isaiah ch.19, 24-26, 49)

Hab 2:1 I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon
the tower, and will watch to see what HE will say
unto me, and in all things I shall humbly answer when
I am reproved.
Hab 2:2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write
the VISION, concerning what is to be EXPECTED, and
make it plainly CLEAR upon tablets, that he may discern
swiftly that readeth it.
Hab 2:3 For the VISION is yet for an time appointed, but
at the end of this age it shall speak, and not lie: though
it tarry, WAIT for it; because it will surely come in its
, it will not tarry.
Hab 2:4 Behold, his soul which exalts himself, is not
in him: but the righteous man shall persevere by
Faith in ME. (Hebrews 10:26-38, ch.11-12) (Isaiah 46:8-13)

The door unto the salvation that conquers the world being Divinely opened before men is one that none should seek in insults to shut. (Habakkuk 2:1-4, Hebrews 10:26-38, ch.11-12, Psalms 95, Ezekiel 20:10-<20-27, Yehoshuah/ Joshua 22:1-6, Numbers 13:17-14:40, Hebrews 3:1-4:14, Isaiah 56:1-8>-57:2-<58:12-14>-62:12)

Despite ALL that this WORLD treacherously has HID, to know indeed what is the VISION, the EXPECTATION the FAITH in KNOWLEDGE of what is to come on earth, indeed is the GIFT of YAH!    In the REVEALING POWER of HIS CALLING, this is MY GIFT of HIS LOVE, HIS MERCIFUL GRACE unto YOU! (Isaiah ch.24-26)    Great is the day when THIS WORD shall be REVERED as BEAUTIFUL among ALL the NATIONS! (Isaiah 52:1-7)

HIS blessings to the Most Diligent of HIS Elect, (2Kepa/2Peter 1:1-11, Isaiah 25:1-9, 26:7-13, ch.49, 60-62, Ezekiel ch.37)

The Righteousness of the Our God, the Holy One of Israel endures Forever!

My name is Ed Ymiah

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