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Rom 10:1  Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer
   to YAH for ISRAEL is, that they might be SAVED.

Firstly, let it be known that to better understand the verse above, it is necessary to establish a bit of precursory foundation upon which to begin to discern its far reaching greater implications.     Firstly, the very title of this letter “Romans” can be misleading to those who do not consider that in Paul’s day, hellenist influence of the Roman empire extended from the West far into the Nearer East as far as what might be called modern day Turkey and beyond.   The greater constituency of “The Church” was by far due to dispensation of the apostle was concentrated not in the West, but throughout Asia Minor eastward.   Indeed, of all the apostles, only Paul is known to have actually set foot upon western Roman ie, European soil.

There is so much implied in realizing this fact.    It is not possible that any man to perfectly sustain what is pure eastern monotheism within the inately polluted and blindingly divisive constraints of western polytheism. (Colossians 2:1-8)

The so-called new testament canon many year from even being largely written, let alone the fact that the apostolic letters were yet centuries from collective canonization.    As spiritual reference, the EARLY CHURCH knew by and large only the books of the LAW and the PROPHETS as an inspired spiritual point of reference.     We understand therefore that the Jews of Yehudah/ Judea and those scattered largely to the East whether Believers in the righteousness of Messiah Yeshua, or those from among the Pharisees, Sadduccees, Zealots or Essenes, both read principally from the same book.   Familiar with the same writings, the believers followed the way of Messiah Yeshua and his apostles.     They from among the unconverted Jews followed by and large after the way of Levitical administration.    On the other hand, they who were converting from among the polytheist heathen and of more western influence came from much more unfamiliar backgrounds. 

The goal of faith however is unto complete restoration in conversion from every manner of taint after the pollutions of fragility and deceits after human misimaginations and misinclination.   The goal of faith in unto sanctification in the fullness of purity after the mind of YAH revealed that at last may a holy people of one mind made whole be established and preserved for the LORD in the earth.    The goal of Faith is deliverance from servitude to whatever aberrant thoughts or compunction which in any way may be misrepresentative misadministration against the perfect pure will of the Most High.   If faith be tainted in any way after the world, how shall faith be unto deliverance?     Again the goal of faith is unto the attainment first of access unto the knowledge of righteousness; that is to say complete harmony unto the will of YAH undefiled and true to every aspect of HIS being and purpose for His people. 

Greater similarities existed between the Early Church and Judaism in that both observed what in their timing the same holydays and traditions, than as compared to the diverse heathen religious nationalist practices of the Gentiles.    The Early Church being Jewish and anticipating the restoration of ISRAEL, continued in keeping the seventh-day sabbath and the holy feast for example.   The gentiles were largely unfamiliar with the ways of YAH, unfamiliar with the Gospel of Israel’s restoration.   Thus in converting to THE FAITH, the Gentiles were obligated unto a much more radical change regarding if ever they were to be TRUE to KEEPING, that is to say to PRESERVE the HOLY the FAITH in the HOLY NAME of the ONE LORD who is HOLY FOREVERMORE!       We see then, how in having come from wholly unfamiliar background worship orientations in devotion, nature, practice and timing; that it was much easier to discern the converting “Gentile”, than  in it was to recognize  “faithful believing Jew”.    Is it any wonder that the book of Revelation reveals in the seventh chapter a reiteration that THE RECONCILING FAITH shall be WHOLLY and PURELY RESTORED in ALL RIGHTEOUSNESS FIRST unto the TRIBES of ISRAEL, and THEN unto the GENTILES!    For FAITH in YAH is unto that which YAH HIMSELF has COMMANDED!

According to his word at Romans chapter 10 as a continuation from the chapter 9, we read of what Paul calls “his heart’s utmost desire”, assuring us that as a faithful Jew, Paul the apostle indeed affirmed in his prayers daily the recitations and praise of the Shema as the utmost commandment of Our LORD, “SHEMA O YSRA’EL!   YHVH ELIHEINU YHVH ECHAD!”     HEAR O ISRAEL!   THE LORD OUR LORD IS ONE!”    This LOVE for ALL that is the PURE PERFECT WILL of the MOST HIGH is the FOUNDATION upon which is PURELY UNDERSTOOD RIGHTLY ALL that is the LAW and the PROPHETS!  (Matthiah/ Matthew 12:29-31 … Deuteronomy 6:4-6)  
Unique unto ISRAEL in its hope unto the biblical promises is the fact that in its divinely established origins, spiritually, nationally, and culturally, the entire fabric of all that is Hebrew society is to be monotheistically without dissension or contradiction, in its expectation, hope and agenda, wholly ONE!     I speak the truth and do not lie.   For sake of the Holy Name and the salvation of the human soul that is inate to Divine Desire I speak.   A prophet is sent forth, even made responsible by command of the Most High to speak that which others would not.   Then diverse nations of the Gentiles being from their beginnings MANY, they  are NOT innately ONE; and are therefore the CON-FUSIONS of separations under SIN!  (Luke 21:24)   Biblically speaking, ISRAEL ALONE of all the nations when made again wholly true to his elect spiritual roots is wholly true as ONE unto the eternal will and purpose of the MOST HIGH!     Israel true to her faith and ancient orientation of old is an Eastern monotheist nation.   True to her roots, the Israel of promise is an Eastern monotheist nation whose foundations are by no means influenced by the taint of any manner of what is western governing political or religious pantheon.    The hope of the scriptures is unto a global overcoming every manner of subjugation under every form of false imaginations which unjustly suppress the truth. (2Corinthians 10:4-6 .. Romans 1:18)   Therefore also the hope and portents of the BIBLE do not promise lasting primacy unto the diverse divide and conquer agendas that are western imperialism.    THE LORD OUR LORD is ONE!

Though the elect people of Our Lord be scattered among the many nations, SALVATION of ISRAEL rests in all who are called by the NAME of the MOST HIGH being according to the HOLY PROMISE being made again ONE PEOPLE Yet how shall ISRAEL be ONE if splintered and distracted under what are diversely incoherent ADMINISTRATIVE AUTHORITIES?    Consider the massacre of the priests of Jerusalem at the hands of Roman legions some 40 years before the birth of Messiah which resulted in the appointment of a “Levitical priesthood” subject under the pretenses of Rome.     Consider that even so, there was the matter of fact that no longer was there only faction of Levitical authority to administer the Law over Israel.     Again, consider that since before the Babylonian captivity, many Jews even since the Assyrian occupation had been scattered throughout the lands of what later became the Medo-Persian, then Grecian, the Roman empires.     How but by an EXCEEDING FAITH in that GREATER HIDDEN MANNA which is revealed of the MOST HIGH beyond the ORDINARY SENSES unto a promised PURGING and FULL RESTORATION of RIGHTEOUSNESS of OLD can at last ALL ISRAEL beyond all inclinations and influence of FLESHLY SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS be made again ONE?

For indeed, the REMNANT of ISRAEL RESTORED unto RIGHTEOUSNESS shall speak NO LIES nor shall they do any INIQUITY!    These are they that are redeemed from every allegiance to the pollutions of the unrecognized worldly uncleaness that even till now sinfully divides mankind against the perfect will of the Most High.(Zephaniah 3:13 .. Revelation 7:1-17, 14:1-12)    It is certain considerate of the fact that the Gentiles are according to national, political and religious differences “many nations” that it cannot be the ways of the Gentiles that are a reference point for the salvation of ISRAEL nor globally of mankind.     The SALVATION of the WORLD rests in the HOPE of the MESSIAH who comes that FIRST ALL ISRAEL be in HIM DELIVERED unto the RIGHTEOUSNESS FOREORDAINED as of OLD, as in FORMER YEARS which ALL the WORLD TODAY in so many ways has NEGLECTFULLY FORGOTTEN! (Malachi 2:1-<7-10>-<2:17-3:9>-<3:18-4:6) (Isaiah 52:15-53:1 … 2Thessolonians 2;1-<7-11 … Isaiah 11:1-13>-14:5) (Jeremiah chapters 30-31)

The apostle Paul warned that the early church and beyond should be constantly aware that till Messiah returns to expose by the Spirit of His mouth all the Wicked, ie. the unrighteousness of lawlessnesses that divides this earth under sin;  that the “mysteries of iniquity” were even at the time of the dispensation, “already at work.”   In a world wherein men had already long built entire socio-political and religious constructs upon the uncleaness of faulty foundations, a world remains since the FALL, not yet healed ONE by the faithful hope for pure perfect discretion restored.

The truth of the matter is that concerning all has resulted in a world whose beliefs, convictions and allegiances are faulty before YAH; none of it in the JUDGEMENT shall be found worthy to persist henceforward before the LORD.    The day comes when no more shall men confess the Holy Name that in ignorance shall they yet be victimized by divisions after the misimaginations of men! (Hosea 4:1-<6-9)   The MOST HIGH in the REDEMPTION desires a WORLD ENTIRE wherein ALL the EARTH is RESTORED FULLY under solely HIS DIVINE AUTHORITY ALONE!  (Isaiah 24:1-26:12-13, Psalms 2, Psalms 110, Revelation 11:15-18, Micah 4:1-5, Daniel 2:44)    For this reason, the day comes when it shall be that if any among the nations shall seek to suppress the truth that restores all ISRAEL unto RIGHTEOUSNESS as of OLD, or seeks in any wise to blind the peoples to stand against ISRAEL’S RISING to bring the REIGN of LAWFUL PEACE to the earth, he shall be counted an adversary and a servant of adversaries.   Consider passages of scripture at Jeremiah 30:10-11 and at Isaiah 59:19-<62:12. 

Jer 30:10  Therefore fear thou not, O my servant Jacob,
  saith the LORD; neither be dismayed, O Israel: for,
  lo, I will save thee from afar, and thy seed from the
  lands of their captivity; and Jacob shall return, and
  shall be in rest, and be quiet, and none shall make
  him afraid.
Jer 30:11  For I am with thee, saith the LORD, to
  save thee: though I make a full end of all nations
  whither I have scattered thee, yet will I not make 
  a full end of thee: but I will correct thee in measure,
  and will not leave thee altogether unpunished.

Isa 60:12  For the nation and kingdom that will
   not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations
   shall be utterly wasted.

In these days of the “drying up of the rivers”, my prayers are for a world made wise and quick unto the repentance that portends survival for them having the greatest pursuit for the true faith. (2Peter 1:1-11)     For sake of them who will in due season understand, I pray that swiftly beyond the dissensions wrought of the misrepresentation testimony of every false prophet and false vision .. shall the DayStar, the DaySpring, the SunRise from On High shall arise in your hearts.
(2Peter 1:19 .. Luke 1:78 .. Isaiah 40:1-10>-<40:27-41:3>-<42:1-4>-46:8-13 .. Revelation 16:12-21 .. Matthiah/ Matthew 12:18)

The heart of mankind must ultimately be made spiritually free beyond the blindness of what seems righteous to mere fleshly senses, bias and orientation.      The discretion, convictions and allegiance of the human soul must be set free from every aberration, every distortion wrought of man having dwelt lo these many ages since the FALL, under what has been systemic global fault under misadministrative authority, separated after partialities against the pure perfect will of the Most High.     For indeed forever shall it be said in the earth, BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD! 

Seeing that as a Believer, the apostle Paul wrote unto all that which was not only to be declared his own heart’s desire, but also the utmost desire of all who are called to the Holy Name desirous of the utmost will of the Almighty, let us consider.    How is it that all who have professed to be believers have not all committed themselves to this same utmost glorious commission? (Psalm 2)
Remember the admonishment of the apostle, “Whatever is written of old is for our learning, that we through patience and faith of the SCRIPTURES might have HOPE!”   He wrote that the SALVATION ONENESS of THIS WORLD cannot be wrought after the WORKS ie. CONCEITS and CONVERSATION of MEN!    He said,  to be a STRANGER to the COVENANT of the PROMISE and the COMMONWEALTH of ISRAEL is to be WITHOUT HOPE, WITHOUT GOD, WITHOUT CHRIST and in the WORLD!”  (Ephesians 2:1-<8-12)    He reminded the congregations both JEWISH and GENTILE ALIKE, “MESSIAH came to CONFIRM the PROMISES of YAH unto the PATRIARCHAL FATHERS of ISRAEL! … that the GENTILES might also partake in the GLORY of OUR ONE LORD as HE is RIGHTEOUS ENDURING FOREVER as from the VERY BEGINNING!” (Romans 15:1-<8-14) (Acts 3:18-23 … Revelation 10:1-7 .. Amos 3:1-7>-15)

Few have seemed to fully comprehend the fact that most of what is foretold by the Prophets is actually blessed Divine admonition spoken first unto ISRAEL that in the LATTER DAYS the ELECT PEOPLE of the MOST HIGH may beyond Gentile misrepresentation be REPROVED unto DIVINE RIGHTEOUSNESS!    This GLORY must be done that at last may be established for the LORD, a HOLY PEOPLE to be HIS LIGHT EVERLASTING unto ALL the MANY NATIONS as ONE HOLY PEOPLE in the EARTH!     When ALL shall PRAISE as ONE, the LORD and ALL who call upon HIS NAME shall be ONE!  (Zechariah 14:9 .. Zephaniah 3:9)   Then shall a WORLD ENTIRE give PRAISE in RIGHTEOUSNESS as is DUE unto HIM who ALONE in the FULL MAJESTY of HIS EVERLASTING HOLINESS is SUPREMELY the ALMIGHTY!    BLESSED are they who put forward their sincere TRUST to come to HIM EARLY! (Revelation 7:1-17 .. Isaiah chapters 48-<49>-52:1-7>-12)

CONSIDER the ARTICLES I have written on this website, “WOE TO THE SHEPHERDS 2” and “THE GREAT DAY OF THE LORD 2” .. and in SECRETS of the ALMIGHTY which few have fully considered, be made wise to BELIEVE the REPORT that is the GOSPEL.   For in ALL that is the PROMISES of the MOST HIGH shall ALL the WORLD be BLESSED as ONE! (Isaiah 52:15-53:1)  

Praying for all the Lord’s Elect for harmony wrought in exceeding faith unto true “at one-ment” before the Shk’nah Glory in preparation for this coming Great Day of Atonement.   May the Most High at last receive the offering of this earth which from the Beginning He has foreordained!   And let all who would be called HIS Saints say, Amen!   SO BE IT!

With the Love of YAH for the souls of His People in my heart,

My name is Ed Ymiah


  1. So be it! I enjoyed reading this article and look to read those suggested within this article. There is a desire for all Israel to be saved, but even Yah said he would only preserve a remnant. I find it interesting that even though there appears to be an awakening among those who believe themselves to be the true Israelite diaspora, there is yet true ONENESS and I doubt it will be until the reigning King returns. I surely would like to be included in the city. :)

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