Yeoshua or Jesus? WHO is the SAVIOR who SAVES MEN from SINS?

Yeoshua or Jesus? WHO is the SAVIOR?    WHO did the MESSIAH say at REVELATION 22:12-16 that He IS?

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JESUS … Etymology:Late Latin from Greek IESOS, from Hebrew YESHUA

There are no multitude of “NATIONAL gods” viable after the CONSTRAINTS of each “NATION“.    The WHOLE EARTH shall be judged by the SAME PERFECT TRUTH of the ONE MOST HIGH! (Psalms 2, Revelation 19:11-21, Isaiah 34,

6 thoughts on “Yeoshua or Jesus? WHO is the SAVIOR who SAVES MEN from SINS?

  1. Shalom…Had a friend ask for info…I directed her & hubby here to your site…..Charlotte is her name . prayers more will come & YAH shine upon their hearts. TY Bro for all you do..

    • Shalom! Thanks for spreading the good news! Thank YAH for granting to make us able! Prayers sent On High every ear that YAH will bring near! Added a few bits of info to this article for clarity today at the Spirit’s behest. Awesome revelations are pouring down and soon to be for all to see! May unto YAH be the GLORY! Hallelu’YAH!

  2. Shalom Ed Ymiah! I read those 3 passages on this page. I have asked Yah that he reveal to me what is missing or what I should see and hear concerning his “Anointed” also that if I am to speak at all, that I would focus on what He has already spoken. The kings of this world and the powers that be are not prepared for the wrath to come. The “false prophets” in the world today are guilty of worshiping the image of a false savior and the blaspheming of the sacred name of the Father continues. Yah alone is the Savior. I did do the dictionary search and read the history of the translation title we know as “Jesus” and very interesting! I did not know that about Jesu/Yeshu. I’m thankful that the Father allows me to discover and learn new things from history and the scriptures. Shalom and Todah for your ministry.

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